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  1. Well, for me personally, it's not about this one specific change but rather your way of balancing in general. What ruined it for me and made me quit this server was the 3 limit RE change ontop of the crazy amount of nerfs, that you have been pulling out ever since the release of seasonal 2 and some time before that, which lead to many builds as well as my own to become less viable, if viable at all. A lot of the nerfs that you've done during S2 seems completely unnecessary and out of place, and what really set me off, is that you made these changes based on the meta and state of S2 and then later implement them on live servers that has a totally different meta and state. It still boggles my mind why you would ever do that. Anyway, I don't want it to sound like i'm trying to teach you how to do stuff on your server, but why is it, that you aren't buffing/reworking talents and spells that don't see any play, so that it perhaps could be possible counters to the top performing builds or at least be viable to see play? I'm not saying that you can't or never should nerf things, but I strongly believe that if you focused more on buffing as well as continue to release more random enchants for players to utilize, then whenever you have to change or nerf something it wouldn't be such a big punishment because players would have more options. Ontop of the nerfs to talents, spells and RE's you also nerfed racials for some races so they are no longer viable in lvl60 end game. Not only was the changes to racial unnecessary and unfun, it is literally a scam to all those people who spend real money or in-game currency to faction change, so unless you are going to make racials pickable, players should at least be given the option to faction change once for free. I suppose you guys are aware of this but i'm going to say it anyway; it's important that you understand, on a server like this, when you nerf one thing then chances are that it will affect a lot of builds, even if the nerf isn't very big, it might be the final nail in the coffin for some build. So when you keep nerfing things, over and over eventually the diversity of builds will be gone and we will be left with only a few viable builds, which isn't really fun and I highly doubt that its the intention of this server to end that way. Using my own build as an example, it has received a lot of nerfs directly as well as indirectly. For a long run, I've been able to tweak my build to some extent to somewhat keep it the same, but in the end I pretty much ran out of options and unfortunately I haven't been able to do anything to make up for the nerfs done to racials, arcane power, fired up etc. + 3 RE limit. And now with the nerfs to the random enchants Critical Mass, Playing With Fire and Fire Power, there is just no coming back. But that's how it goes, and I hope you can see why this sucks for someone has comitted a lot of time in your server - there is just no joy in that. Yes, it really feels like that. You do so much for the new players which is appreciated i'm sure.. by new players.. but you need to remember that we veteran player has also been "new players" once, and Ascension surely wasn't perfect back when we started either, but yet here we are. My point is, maybe you guys should make up a new strategy which favors both new and old players. I'm going to end this post with saying that I understand your frustration as a developer and I understand that you can't make everyone happy and while it can be discouraging to come here and see idiots like me rant about different stuff that you guys did or didn't do, you have to remember that we're not trying to be disrespectful or piss on your guys but rather trying to help to be honest. I haven't played on your server for at least 2 months now and yet I still watch your stream and watch out for any update that could catch my interest to come back, unfortunatly it's not here yet.
  2. lol, I have given you plenty of feedback throughout my time here, but you don't know who I am, so you wouldn't know. Unfortunatly my feedback has fallen on deaf ears, or so it seems, because even though you have responded to me saying "I'll look into it" or "I'll bring it up with the team!" nothing ever happens and I have never got any feedback in return so I never know whether you actually did look into it or not. And now you are sitting here, with an attitude when i'm confronting you with a problem that is known to everyone who has played your server for as long as I have. Kinda pathetic isn't it?
  3. You said that, not me 🙂 But nice to see that you at least got some self awareness! 😄
  4. Boring? To you maybe, but for others who used this talent it might have been an important and fun talent for their build. Lol, it's still a "nobrainer" talent though, wdym? But ye, instead of having more builds being able utilize this talent, let's completely rework it so only one specific build can benefit from it. Good job, very good job! See, this is such a good example of whats wrong with the ascension "balance" team - they ALWAYS change random stuff without EVER giving ANY thoughts on how it's gonna affect other builds than the builds they are trying to target.
  5. @itswicky I got mixed feelings about wildcard mode, but all in all I must say it turned out worse than I thought. It's not fun and it's not challenging, it's just tedious and bad gameplay. First of all, the fact that you can get 1 ae abilities is the worst decision ever. I am level 34 now and so far I got FIVE 1ae abilities that is Dampen Magic, Conjure Food, Detect Traps, Amplify Magic and Water Walking. This is not fun to get, not at all. Ontop of that I got other useless stuff such as Track Beast and I multiple hard casting spells which is just a terrible and boring design. I'm aware that being able to get useless stuff and multiple hard casting spells and a mixture of melee and caster abilities is the "challenging" aspect of wildcard mode but the fact that you can get these useless stuff level after level really just makes it not fun to play and you can't really make any sort of build out of it. Wildcard could be a fun concept but it needs more work. It needs to be less random in some way. You have to make some kind of "algorithm" that makes sure the player will have some sort of mana-regen, that the player will at least have one interrupt, one damage ability, one heal etc. And you need to make a way so players can get abilities from talent trees such as Mortal Strike. Or maybe have it so players are allowed to choose 3 abilities and then rest will be random.. idk..
  6. I know this sound silly, but honestly now that you devs has decided to remove the ranged speed bonus on quivers and ammo pouches, is there any chance you can make them normal bags? Otherwise I don't see the point using them over normal bags. Cheers
  7. I remember reading somewhere that you buffed the core abilities for cat as well as increasing the amount of agility you get in cat form however I wasn't aware that you reduced their damage in PvP. Nonetheless, their damage is still really high, but thinking about it, I guess its the whole cocktail of high dodge chance, high heals and the fact that their damage comes from bleeds and poisons, which ignores armor, that make cats feel out of hand.
  8. Okay, so whats your opinion on agility based builds, mainly cat builds, whose dodge chance is around 40-50% permanently? it's essentially the same thing as Improved Blink, only worse because its permanent, and THAT is in fact frustrating to play against. When two of these type of builds fight each other, it basically comes down to who has the best RNG on dodging their opponents attacks. As for other melee builds, who does not have that much dodge chance, there's really nothing you can do. And speaking of cat builds; ontop of having this ridiculously high dodge chance, they still run around with 1k - 1.2k healing power and does more or less the same amount of crazy healing as before the Nurturing nerf. Yet you are giving them even more damage as if their damage wasn't already high enough. @itswicky are you honestly happy with how cats are right now? Please tell me your thoughts about this.
  9. Would be cool if lava lash worked sort of like hammer of righteous... At least if it scaled from weapon DPS, i think that could be interesting. Nonetheless I agree that lava lash could use slightly more love to be part of the meta.
  10. Im sorry, but I find that really hard to believe. Something must be wrong with your data, lol. Blazing Speed hasn't been relevant ever since you put an internal cd on it the first time which is long ago now. Not even flag carriers run this RE anymore and I've yet to find anyone else who does. All you did with this nerf is making Blazing Speed totally useless. I would believe you if you said it was Improved Blink that was the top talent pick as it has quite a lot value for a 2 point talent. Speaking of Improved Blink is that nerf set in stone, because it seems really bad now and honestly useless. Most of the time Blink is used as a gap opener so having reduced dmg taken for 3 sec after using blink wont do anything because at the time the enemy catches up to you again those 3 sec will be over. And when somebody blinks the most common move is to get a CC off, so you can catch up again so like, whats 30% reduced dmg on coil or shadowfury gonna do? The current improved blink was a lot better because you could actually avoid those CCs after blinking.
  11. First post of itswicky is a link to a google doc. Nvm, the document didnt update on my phone, so couldn't see.
  12. An easy solution to this could be fixing the Pure of Heart RE (https://project-ascension.com/bugtracker/details?id=3296). It doesn't do anything and/or does not stack with the actual talent even though the tooltip doesn't state anything about that. @itswicky
  13. Can you please elaborate what you mean by "no longer stacking". Does the RE not stack with itself, like can you only have one of them? Or does the RE not stack with the actual talents? Also can you please explain the reason for the Blazing Speed nerf as well as the Improved Blink nerf?
  14. @itswicky Sounds good 🙂 I dont know if you are aware, but Frostbrand currently doesn't do anything on PTR. Testing it right now.

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