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  1. The Devs should think about how to balance it, imo. If they see that people don't do anything else than spamm-craft gear, of course they should nerf the rate. And i think it's good that way. To get a specific random enchant, you'll always need something of value(in this case mats) and luck. That's just the way the REs are designed. It's not supposed to overshadow every other method of getting random enchants, it's merely a suggestion to improve the life of people that want to spend time on professions. If you want to talk about the random enchant system as a whole, that'd be a completly different topic.
  2. Hello Forum! I've been thinking about this for a while, and i finally made the decision to suggest it here. What if crafted gear could get a random enchant on it? I know that you can reroll it at an altar, but it would probably be a cool addition if it could come with a random enchant as you craft it. It would be beneficial for multiple reasons: 1, First of all, it would make crafting professions more lucrative. People would have an additional reason to level up their professions. You could either try to get a specific enchant for yourself, or simply craft some items and sell the ones with a good (or very nieche- like "range +X") enchant. 2, It would also make the skilling of professions less dull, as you will probably check the items you craft for REs, instead of simply vendoring them. 3, There are lots of players that try to keep their professions level appropriate, and basically level them up as their character levels. It would give those players an additional "that's awesome" moment , if they get a "cool" random enchant. It doesn't even have to be a good random enchant for people to be happy - anything they can use or give to their friends will be sufficient. Just wanted to get this off my mind. Thanks for reading guys, and please tell me what you think about it.

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