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  1. There are plenty of abilities that shouldnt be on gcd. Barskin for example (also should be usable in any form of CC). Death wish, enraged regeneration to name a few more. But barskin is particularly bad with gcd
  2. I like it. Since ferals will be forced into rogue set, devs need to think of sharable benefits for both rogs and ferals. I personally would love if passive healing was on rogue set, not on druid's, since caster druids can heal themselves anyway and they would rather want something that helps healing others. My bear on the other hand fully relies on passive healing.
  3. Im curious, is there technical possibility to make it so that set had different stats active depending on which stat on character is higher. Just like it is now on retail. If so you could add more variety through this system without making hybrid sets too powerful.
  4. Druid 4 set bonus. Change to spirit OR agi whatever is higher to increase haste so that ferals benefited from it. 6 set bonus - Id rather see you change it to 1% per 3 seconds. 8 set bonus - Change spell haste bonus for overal haste so it was useful for ferals too. Also dont force staying in place with this beam. Being stationary sucks in PvP. Change it to proc effect which stays on you. I hope you make stats on druid set good not only for casters, but for ferals too. So that ferals werent locked into rogue set.
  5. If you add r13 weapons, make them account bound. So if I got rank, I could wear them on all my toons.
  6. Why people are against the merge? High-risk/low-risk was a valid argument before. Now when its just a turn on/off option, it is completely irrelevant. Merge would bring more players to both realms which is always a good thing.
  7. Like half people on BGs are shadow spec because it is stupid strong right now. I rarely even see melee builds anymore
  8. influx of new players obviously
  9. I think convertion was added after WoTLK so its not in game
  10. I loved leveling as WC but there are few things need to be fixed: 1. If player has enough free talent points, abilities from talent trees should also be granted. 2. Getting several abilities that do exactly the same isnt fun. I mean ressurect spells of different classes for example. 3. I really dont think that normal players should be able to attack wildcard chars. There is almost 0 chance that wildcard can win PvP. Leveling with random abilities is hard enough. Make wildcards only be attackable by other wildcards. Maybe allow wildcard to attack normal player and only after that he can attack wildcard in return (and attack again for next 15 minutes).
  11. Honestly, this is a good change. Talented bubble lasted for far too long
  12. I also dont understand spell haste increase on Spell Mastery. As I caster I'll take that, I just dont see the reason behind it. 20% was hella strong as is.
  13. 1. Not remove but maybe introduce cap of how much you can boost one stat. So that players didnt just put everything into one thing. 2. I dont see the need of this. If someone wants to boost different stats through talents, why not. 3. Now this would probably be for the better. Removing all stat increases from RE table including flat AP increase RE. Focusing on REs that add fun gameplay instead of ramping power.
  14. "Bladestorm now deals 110% of your weapon damage and no longer deals reduced damage when you have Titan’’s Grip." Wrecking Crew now also increases the damage of Bladestorm. Wait. Are you really BUFFING bladestorm? Some changes are so random that I scratched my head about why were they needed. Like increased blink cd.
  15. "these changes are meant to change the system in such a way that significantly reduces the amount of power that players gain from random enchants so that we don't have an additional system to balance on top of classless." We'd like to know what you have planned on this before things are set in stone. Maybe community wont like drastic changes in REs. Btw, Wildcard was huge success on S2. It clearly shows that people enjoy new ways of playing and leveling. So new ones in addition to Wildcard like Ironman Challenge are highly anticipated. On the other hand Criminal Intent/Criminal system is very flawed and needs alot of work. Players shouldnt look peaceful, then suddenly turn into red with one click. And there are many other problems with it.
  16. For wildcard there is no chance to kill regular player unless he was very lucky with RNG. So I dont see whats to work around with other then try to run or die
  17. Maybe make wildcard chars only attackable by other wildcard characters. This would be fun
  18. Quick question. Do players who opt for wild card leveling (random abilities) can also be victims in PvP and drop loot? I just think they will be in such a huge disadvantage that they shouldnt be lootable in wpvp up until hitting level 60. Leveling as such is challenging as is.
  19. I gave up on hoping they ever do it even though I think it would be the best thing ever for Ascension Thats not an excuse. You can always ask community what they want. High risk PvP mode could be toggled like on retail, the system proved to be working there great. And I dont think many people at Andorhal would be heavily against items being BoE.
  20. I wish there was ironman mode too. Its upcoming feature Im most excited about. Oh well, I guess Wildcard mode will do for now
  21. Oh wow, I somehow missed that. Good to know there are plans for that. Cuz I just 1v1ed one cat, and holy fk dat dodge
  22. I think its time to take a closer look at agi > dodge conversion. Feral cats in full BF have permanent 44% dodge with almost no investment. How fun you think fighting someone who dodges many hits in a row without any evasion. 44% number should be for dodge tanks who invest heavily in dodge sacrificing other things. Not a cat who has it gifted to him while dealing insane dmg and self healing.
  23. Wicky, is it intended that Intensify Rage RE missing Heroic Fury cd reduction that talent has? Please let Heroic Fury be usable in shapeshifting. Also I think 1 AP 1 TP is more fair cost for it since its not a major ability and more similar to Warbringer talent and supplements it.

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