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  1. @itswicky * Always Bladestorm getting buffed/nerfed/adjusted. When will we see some love for Killing Spree in PvE ? * As a Hybrid, I've been waiting for pretty much a year for the first weapon upgrade since forever. Seeing the Servo Arm nerfed before it's even possible to acquire it blows. * Again, nerfs to Maelstrom Weapon because of casters using SP gear and going in melee. A measly buff to Stormstrike won't suddenly bring back the STR conversion hybrids. * Not a single compensation buff for HoT healers about Blooming Growth or Genesis 5p nerf ? That's a pretty huge blow to their potential in 25 man raids. Hunters received a few buffs in unused talents following the Expunge nerf, but nothing here for HoTs (in PvE). Body and Soul RE - Now increases the duration of your Body and Soul by 0.5/0.75/1 sec, replacing its previous effect. Why not make it "Increase the chance to trigger your body and soul by 50%" or something. Making it worth 1 TE atleast. I don't understand the need to make previously good RE totally useless. It is extremely overpowered in it's current state, but no one is going to take this RE now.
  2. Shaman 6 set now reduces all non-physical damage. Wait, what changed here ??
  3. I agree with Skray, repeatable t2.5 quests would be nice.
  4. Also, what about getting Warchief Blessing for Outlaws / Alliance b4 Naxx release ?
  5. 5 pts in cruelty when it's a trash talent AND the melee crit doesn't even fully benefit your build; Wasting 1 AE on call of the elements when u could just... use one more GCD before the boss fight to pur ur totems. Wasting AE on frost armor for no reason. No deadliness, no heroic strike (ditch seal of command), no 3/3 deep wounds (Any non-physical melee build that doesn't have this is seriously trolling), no armored to the teeth (ditch imp. zerk stance), no blink, ranged weapon spec is a noob trap since it doesn't boost your melee dmg (yes I fucking know it increases the dmg on ur character sheet but it actually does nothing), grab unbridled wrath for more rage generation (bigger execute dmg, more heroic strikes)
  6. Haste is an amazing stat for HoTs based healers in raid as it allows them to apply more HoTs to more raid members. I do agree however that the paladin 2p feels very lackluster.
  7. Something that would buff Grounding or Stoneclaw totem, ideally. I'm curious, what are the builds that are going to be nerfed ? Arcane missiles ? Also I agree with Vedartha that the paladin set looks the weakest so far, it doesn't seem to provide anything really interesting.
  8. Everyone knows ppl will just use orc racials for dps. But honestly I'd rather have 2 balanced factions using the same racials worse than having a faction who is 5% worse than the other at dps (and 5% is not an exaggeration). In a perfect world, racials would be balanced, but the devs clearly have been saying they want to do this for a while and still haven't done anything worthwhile. Might aswell just add pickable racials if they cant fix the issue.
  9. Humans have 3 expertise with swords and maces, which makes them even worse than orcs. Dwarves have 5 expertise with maces Orcs have 5 expertise with axes and fist weapons, which also happen to be the best melee dps weapons due to poleaxe spec and close quarter combat being much better than sword spec or mace spec
  10. Nice addon, ty for sharing
  11. The Hammer of Wrath change is fantastic. Is there any possibility of slightly buffing the Purifying Power RE since it can no longer by stacked 5 times ? Would help some ret pally based builds that relies less on seals and more on exorcism and hammer of wrath. Also, Lava Lash is still bugged. Right now in PTR, you still need to re-equip your weapons after casting Flametongue for it to work properly.
  12. Small correction: You can only dispel Banish with Mass Dispel, otherwise it resists most dispelling effects.
  13. Jeez, this isn't vanilla... hunter shots don't scale off SP here.
  14. "And yes sword spec hybrid was doing way more dps than others if built correctly and having the perfect gear setup. That includes the ever so rare kazzak necklace." First of all, "way more dps than others" is completely wrong If we are talking perfect gear setup (back when sword spec hybrid was a thing) and correctly built spec, then conflag/catform/melee hunter were better specs in ST, and TG/Slam/2H ret builds were very close in dps. "Dude you claim about yourself that you were one of the few that were playing it decently. How do you know that? Where do you get your data from? Are you saying there was no other hybrid that was better than you? And you know that for certain" Actually playing the game, talking to ppl, raiding with a few different guilds and seeing how each one performed does help Now I may not know much about LS, but at that time Andorhal was small enough that its not hard to know what most important ppl played. "You do know for a fact i don't raid hu? I wonder where u get your facts from then." From the fact that we were in the same guild and you never raided, simple >.>
  15. Again, dummy dps =/= dps in an actual fight. "Glancing blows arent a big deal" ????????? An approximate 24% chance for your melee attacks to do 70% damage and be unable to crit is nothing ? Autoattacks were around 30% of my dps back then, and dropped to 20% on actual bosses, thats a sizable chunk if we also consider the fact that sunder armor is always up in raids but not on dummies (since i have no one to apply it for me on dummies). I would still do good on most raids back then, but I was hardly 1st. You seem to think sword spec was doing way more dps than anything else in raids, which isnt the case. Honestly where do you even get your data from, lol. I was one of the few playing it decently so I do know what im talking about since it comes from my own experience. No offense, but I do know for a fact that you don't raid, so from where do you know how "absurdly overpowered" sword spec is ? Also yes there is a boss dummy on PTR but thats has only been a thing for 2 months.

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