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  1. Oh my I forgot about that.. you also get a title for using it though I'm not sure if you get it right away and you are locked into 1x or you get it for reaching lv60 with 1x but yup can also use the scroll!
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    Because they simply likes to chill from time to time
  4. Wel honestly if you are looking for something more than the classless system I'd pick Sargeras since it has more features but do keep in mind... raid loot would drop too on death by a player so if you grinded for a weapon or armor poof its gone and looted by someone. So if you want to remain safe softcore but if you want a thrill Sargeras is the place for that. Also gonna have to fix my post its 3x exp rates not 2x my bad
  5. Hello @Xantog! At the moment there is only softcore and hardcore so there is hardcore tho and thats the server Sargeras which will be 3x exp from mobs and quests, 25 man raids instead of the normal 40, if you once you hit lv20 there is same faction pvp so if you were say an undead, a troll player could kill you in certain areas and when you die by a player I think it is as I never dropped loot from a mob killing me you will drop at least 4 pieces of gear and items from your bag so your loot can be stolen if you aren't careful. So all and all this server is for pvp lovers almost as a lot of people are planning on ganking and stuff. The softcore server is titled Andorhal, its basically the most blizzlike server between them. 1x rates, no same faction pvp no loot on death. So pve focused server. Hope that cleared it up for you! Welcome weary traveler, your Ascension begins here Patch Notes: Changed the line "Sargeras which will be 2x exp from mobs and quests." To "Sargeras which will be 3x exp from mobs and quests."
  6. This right here. While its a poll its done by me... a nobody. I sent a msg to one of the community managers to show them the poll in case they haven't noticed it and said I'd prefer if they made a poll themselves as I feel a ton more of people would vote. Edit: Also we have to keep in mind the population is going to boom come live and most people probably aren't using the forums like we do so its honestly really hard to gauge it.
  7. There can be a balance struck plus I come form a mmo that one person can learn every class and every crafting class on one toon... yet that doesn't stop me from making alts purely to see what type of character I can recreate or just make... I have a problem, if wow had such a deep character creator my gods the amount of alts I'd probably make just for fun...
  8. While there are a few interesting ones, for me personally most quests are... filler they don't really matter too much. I was spoiled by a mmo that is story driven though compared to how vanilla seems to be more do what you want there really is no story but the one you make which can be well and good but as someone who doesn't have many friends I mostly roam the game just listening to music while picking up a quest doing it and turning it in. I also do like a really rich story and it can be hard for me since vanilla doesn't really have a 'main' story line to follow not from what I've seen anyway. Seems to me the problem on my end is vanilla has a rich lore if you are a hardcore warcraft fan and played the RTS games or saw playthroughs but if not story wise for people like me vanilla is lacking sorely in that department. Sure the quest chains can have stories but they are more mini stories where I prefer a more... idk what it'd be called other than main story where you start, have a goal and can do side stuff but later on you will still have a story to come back too. Possible what I'm thinking of is a threat, vanilla doesn't really have a big bad guy that you meet early on and you know you will take them on later. vanilla to me lacks a threat a reason to fight, someone to hate someone you want to crush. Instead I feel like I'm just wondering around with no real purpose, no goal other than reaching lv60. I don't mean to sound like I'm bashing wow or vanilla because when it came out it was just fine but imho vanilla has not aged well compared to modern mmo's. Something to take away from this is while not everyone is like me, not everyone has nostalgia to help them along as I do feel it does honestly play a rule in it. Some like me don't have good memories, we don't have that magical feeling of playing in a world we use to. I also understnad I'm in the minority of people who are like that though. For me its all new. A case that could be made against me is to not judge vanilla on modern mmo's since it is dated. Keep editing... but I also just thought maybe the reason I have a hard time with it is the lack of friends I have. I'd think any mmo is a ton more fun with them but I don't have that, no friends to share the experience with. The game is still pretty big that much I can say, so big it's easy to get lonely with no one to share it with ;-;
  9. Ah that does make since though personality for me I prefer mmo's that still give everyone the same amount of exp based on ones level but that's just me and what I prefer and I understand others prefer the split exp. I'm grateful that not only has this poll got some of peoples thoughts on it down but also the discussion and other suggestions its bringing in as they are important when talking about the change we can create.
  10. @Drakkona123 That is also a good idea since (as far as I know) grouping gives you all LESS exp so it makes it even harder to level if you want to play with people and since vanilla is so group focused and designed I will always scratch my head as to why they thought doing that was a good idea.
  11. @Peel2g no I am not french and its was merely a thought since the 3rd realm wil be full of the devs tryin knew things. More options are never a bad thing,
  12. Hmmm good post @Nammey but I could be wrong but isn't it once you hit lv10 the free respects stop instead of 11? Again could be wrong I only leveled one toon. Otherwise pretty good pst to help the newbies ^^ "Welcome weary traveler, your Ascension begins here." also I just found out how to do the color of text yay!
  13. Oh snap both @Kralomax and @Nammey beat me to this one haha thats what I get for sleeping. The launch numbers will probably be quite high actually, in case you missed it though the softore realm will open first on the 14th, hardcore 21st. The reason stated by a community manager was they wanted to be able to make sure both launches go well basically so they can moderate one at a time far better than if they released both which is fair imo. as far as community if it is anything like the fine Kralomax and Nammy it will be a pleasant project to play on (should totally support Nam And Kralo btw amazing people ;D ) Care to share if you have a build in mind you wanna try or maybe you'll fellow one you saw someone else make? Preferred race/slide all that junk There is tons of options for class combos some have a huge mix or some will take core abilities while picking a few that work with the class/build so you could be a vanilla paladin that can actually tank haha. I hope you have a fun time and enjoy your stay with us @PwnsauceQC "Welcome weary traveler, your Ascension begins here."
  14. @Leyo Just my two cents and idk if anyone has said it yet but it's like that on purpose for now I believe. If I'm correct and I could be wrong it won't fully bring you to the dg (dg being short for dungeon incase anyone was wondering) till wraith or BC? Not sure if BC had it I only know a bit about wraith but whenever the TP was added you will most likely have to wait till than, so far its like this to be closer to vanilla which is the current state of the servers. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong tho but I hope this helps bring some insight into why you can't just TP there instantly. "Welcome weary traveler, your Ascension begins here."
  15. @Skittz Yeah oddly enough I forgot to add that as an option but too late for that now ^^;

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