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  1. Your solution is in this Thread :
  2. This server as we know it is filled with the Human race. Some people pick them because they love them and some are forced to play them because of their [Everyman For Himself] Ability. And the thought of just having to play Human again at launch is just repetitive and boring. Every other race is at a disadvantage when it comes to PvP especially at the start, so why not give all races including Humans a [Custom] trinket ability just like the fact that every race has [Quick shot]. Just a single ability that all races have. And [Everyman For Himself] becomes something other than a trinket. Make a new Race Tab under the General Tab in the character advancement where it has all of the racial abilities so no player has to play any race just for the ability. A lot of players might go for Orc's ability because of the ([Custom] Trinket + [Blood Fury]). Solution to that is to make [Blood Fury] give haste rather than attack power. Implementing this idea will: - Give some balance to FFA PvP. - Give the players more diversity when it comes to choosing your race. - Give the players a chance to experience different starting zones. - Scatter the players all around Azeroth instead of having all of them just piled up at Elwynn Forest or other (race ability) specific areas.
  3. One of the worst thing in leveling, especially with a friend. Is looting quests. Drop rate is super low and the quest items that drop is only lootable for one of the party members at random. it's like doing the quest twice every time.
  4. Oh boy, what can I ever do without a title? I don't think I'd be able to live with myself. Lower levels aren't going to exist in such a realm so there would be no one to be put aside. I am talking about a classless instant 60 realm that's completely separate from the leveling ones. Where everyone would start at level 60. I don't think it should replace the current leveling realms but to only serve as an additional realm on WoW Ascension. You do know that the donation system will be gone at launch right? why pay for something that's going to disappear? A realm based on classless instant 60 would get so popular so fast. Not everyone wants to spend days leveling up a character that's going to be deleted.
  5. I know that there're a lot of you out there who're like" Hey, I like the leveling. And I'm having so much fun." But I'm pretty sure that there are just as much who're like "I just wanna get to 60 to experience the classless system asap. Because it takes so much time and effort to level up" Especially when all characters are going to be deleted at launch. So why not create another realm with the classless system that's instant 60? And whoever wants to level up can stay on the leveling realm while who doesn't want to level up can go to the instant 60 realm?

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