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  1. Greetings Lauinator. If you intend to fight people of your own faction you need to use your "Criminal Intent" spell. This flags you as a criminal and lets you attack players of your own faction. But beware as every faction kill reduces your reputation with the law and as a marked criminal, guards of your own faction will attack you. If someone attacks you first killing them will of course not result in you losing any reputation with the law. When your reputation with the law gets really bad though you will eventually become an Outlaw and are forced out of the major cities of your faction. Booty bay was redesigned as the new Major City for the outlaws. You have every necessary NPC there. Have fun!
  2. Hello Miqi! The ascension.exe link will open your standard torrent downloading tool and attempt to initialize itself. The other link is also working fine for me. Sends me to megaupload page where it gives me a torrent file that I can open in my Torrent downloader. Both things are downloading fine in utorrent. Maybe something on your side is blocking it? What browser are you using? Maybe you can try a different browser? Maybe it's your torrent downloader. You could try a different downloader. Utorrent works for me for example.
  3. Kellogs

    Appeal template

    This template must be used for all ban appeals, failure to do so will result in your appeal being closed.
  4. Also delete your cache folder that is in your world of warcraft folder everytime you update your patch so the game gets the newest tooltips for spells and items from out server.
  5. Please remain polite and on the topic. This "heads up" is so that players know what we plan for the future and so it can be discussed in a civil and constructive manner. Wicky is spending quite some time reading, responding and considering all the feedback posted on here. So please do him and yourself the favor of keeping this focused. Thank you all for your feedback.
  6. Amazing work Hero! I'm sure alot of players will appreciate this!
  7. What realm and what is your characters name? Without this information I can't help you.
  8. Mocking Blow now has a 2 min cooldown, but can no longer be blocked, dodged, parried, or miss and now deals damage to taunt immune targets So it will now work even if you have the aggro of the boss already
  9. We do exactly that. We analyse the builds, look into every aspect of a build and try to understand how they work before making changes.
  10. Lava lash is not supposed to scale with elemental fury as it is not a spell. It is an ability like Judgement. It triggers melee proccs. Works with frozen power and lava flows (just tested it). Although it uses offhand for damage calculation lava lash is considered a mainhand attack and therefore also doesn't scale with dual wield specialization. No bugs
  11. Yeah it seems we have to agree to disagree. Arms definitely is viable already but simply still overshadowed by TG for a physical melee, Arcane builds are definitely stronger than they previously were so i don't think they would like to trade moonfire proccing missiles for the higher barrage scaling, no holy shock is not the only spell thats benefitting from the holy power change. Unsure how you come to that conclusion with hunters. They aren't very weak once caught up too because it is easier to create gaps and kite if you are somewhat decently skilled. To the point where a melee cannot reach a hunter AT ALL. So yes 41 yard any shot slow simply had to go. Their strength wasn't counterable so a build that dominates melees at all times is not okay. Again: Disagreeing with your statement about healers. The nerfs have not obliterated unique spec ideas. There were no unique spec ideas. Everyone was crit stacking. Now we have the chance to give every healer build a unique identity. Yeah we just pushed a system that let's us balance pve/pvp seperately. And you will see alot of balance changes in that direction. But that still needs time and cannot just happen instantaneously. Sitting there pressing F5 to refresh will not speed up our work. Changes still need to be worked out, implemented and tested before we can consider pushing it to our realms. That is simply not true. "Consciously trying to indirectly buff weaker builds by distributing huge nerfs to lots of other builds". We nerf what is considered too strong and we are making new builds viable by giving them buffs. Not by large scale nerfing of "lots of other builds".
  12. Sorry but i cannot agree on most of your points. The reason Arms type builds aren't played is because other options like TG are still too strong. Arms is in a very decent spot when faced versus ranged/casters/healers/other melees that aren't TG. The arcane builds popping up lately are alot stronger than the previous iteration of only arcane blast. Also you seem to have missed that moonfire now can also proc arcane missiles and that exact build is currently among the stronger builds. I definitely think Holy caster got a buff by having all holy spells critical damage in one talent instead of spread over 2x5 point talents in holy paladin and holy priest. We also have started seeing some Holy casters on Andorhal. We do have some more plans for holy casters in the future tho. Funnily enough the maelstrom hybrids are more of a thing on Andorhal too. And they are definitely competitive currently. People just seem to fall back into old patterns and are not so open to try out new stuff on Laughing skull. It seems due to the safety they have on Andorhal compared to LS, people are way more willing to invest and try out new things and find them to be successful there. Andorhal meta evolves a lot faster because of that. The deadly brew change was required. I still see plenty of people play hunter builds. Just not as oppressive anymore with having a 41 yard auto slow on their shots. The fact that all forms of healing profited from all the crit synergy talents at once meant that everyone is a crit healer and every healer has the same 40 talent points. We wanted to give each healing type it's own unique power instead of homogenizing them all into the same crit playstyle. Also before those changes there were basically only shaman healers and prayer of healing healers. Now on the other hand we have alot more unique healer builds than we previously had. For the rest: You have to consider that we are also trying to balance pve. The game isn't pvp only. Also we have more plans for the future that address some of the things you mentioned. Good things need time.
  13. Greetings, We have thrown several buffs towards 2h arms builds over the last few patches. They are definitely in a much stronger position than they previously were. TG just stays the more viable choice which is why we will look into them further. We have succesfully pushed a good amount of previously weaker builds into viability (Deadly bite builds/Arcane builds/Holy casters/Elemental melee fire+frost mostly, ability hunter) So I'm not quite sure why you think we haven't been buffing weaker builds into viability. If you read our changelogs closely you can clearly see our efforts. The follow up nerf to deadly bite specs was due to counterstrike hitting excessively hard. It is still a very strong build currently. Metamorph demon builds and beastmaster builds are quite strong too. People just aren't trying it because they aren't very popular and require a big RE investment. About the lava lash bugs: What bugs exactly are you talking about? We fixed quite a few bugs about Lavalash. It's a very strong ability in hybrid melees right now. Especially for Fire melee hybrid which is a very competitive build right now.
  14. Yeah it seems you haven't learned anything and you will just continue to spout nonsensical stuff about executions, not getting anywhere by talking to GMs and warning others about how to behave when you yourself don't know how to behave. You have received a simple 1 HOUR ban and you are making a whole Drama out of it like it's the end of the world or we are going to delete your characters. An 1 hour ban that ALREADY EXPIRED 30 minutes ago to be exact. This forum topic is old and the original question has been answered several times. I'll close this now.

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