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  1. Theres alrdy an addon which allows players to target Roll their starters... might aswell give this opportunity to everyone and not just a selected few.
  2. Ever heard of target number limitation? Ever heard of target damage diminishing aka chainlightning? Theres almost always other way to bypass unwanted sideffects coming from an ability instead of flat out nerfing the dmg to the ground ? But i guess its easy and simple huh. Its also the easiest way to get rid of the 200 active players still logging in daily I also love how you andorhal people come up with these numbers all the time without ever handing in fullscreen screenshots showing the recount and buffbar.
  3. Yeah or instead of letting oak and exiled Players go at each other to test pvp stuff what about actually asking the pvp scene on LS for suggestions.
  4. Could the combo point issue be fixxed yet or no ?
  5. A well working bugfree server which offers the player enough incentive to log in every day and a server which also offers a great communication between the player and the staff will market itself. Theres no such thing needed as players trying to do the owner of the servers job. Besides your idea being very easy to Exploit and almost offers no real tracking of how many "real" and unique new players you might have brought i dont think its the right path to venture. Quite frankly all the above stated points which in my opinion makes a server a good one are simply not present for quite a while. Everything the playerbase was concerned in (late) Summer of 2018 came true and now the Bill for not listening to the community is on the table. The introduction of seasonal realms made everything even worse. The short sighted quick cashgrab will never work to bind a player to a server for more than a couple of weeks at most.
  6. Its literally just 3 out of 17 possible item Slots that you can insure and trust me sometimes youre better of looting the gold instead of the item because the item would have been worth less. What kind of whiny ass Drama Queen even are you ?
  7. Should only happen if you secure 3 of your gear pieces with the fel com feature which is basically an insurance llike feature which lets you drop gold instead of your precious most valuable item. You should always provide some proof to anything that happens to you that you think might be broken btw.
  8. Andorhal PvP Drama.I never imagined it could go that high on the comedy scale. For real tho. The issue of monopolising certain events on Ascension has a pretty long record of having one dominant guild doing it all on their own for a while and then stop brutforcing their superioty through numbers bcz it went from shoulderpatting how good one is to being bored. The Staff has ignored all these issues up to this date and you shouldnt expect a solution to that anytime soon - if ever. But then again. Now the Problems are occuring on Andorhal. Maybe theres hope
  9. Enough of this roleplay nonsense and actually focus on important stuff!! Buying gear off of the AH aint none of them since this is one of the big selling Point of LS.
  10. Find weakness RE needs to be changed from flat dmg to crit aswell ! (As they have changed the talent currently on ptr)
  11. Pls change the Find Weakness RE from flat dmg to Crit Chance aswell as you did with the Talent
  12. Peel2g

    Next meele skills

    They do? DW furys finally get some love after like 8 or so months??? Wew im spook rn
  13. the original estimation of a maximum of 3 months has alrdy been exceeded. From whhat ive seen itll close by the end of this month.

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