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  1. You might wanna have a look at available fistweapons then.
  2. As stated in my very first comment pls make the rouge 2set a non execute-phase Bonus. Youre literally argumenting yourself against it in that quote. Give it a 5-10% procchance for the entirety of the encounter and not just the last 20% Dont you forget about the potential in pvp with the also added 10% dmg. It must be proccing very rarely being such a powerfull 8set
  3. Shhh dont tell SirGank about that ... his little world could break apart you cant just do him like that
  4. So youd find it equally fair for all 3 speccs to have shield tanks benefit from every stat on the set while the other 2 just have to live with the fact that 4/9 are just bad for them ? Wouldnt it be a better solution to implement an iron will-esque talent with BV as the conversion stat as above mentioned?
  5. And blocking for such amounts would lead into a pvp desaster ... even more so than it currently is... the problem of not having enough BV in pve could easily be solved with a talent ala iron will just with BV as the conversion stat but only if blocking finally gets some pvp adjustments... theres no reason to have 4/9 items from that set be worthless to the other 2 tanking styles giving it a rly bad sidetaste collecting the whole entire set while having dead stats on them But thats just my opinion
  6. Hey Wicky ... i have a question about the Warrior set... 4 out of the 9 items are very heavy on Block Rating and Block value. Unfortunatly only 1 out of the 3 tank speccs utilize these stats which is also the least played from my experience ... have you thought about that ? Is there a chance you could change this to either be dodge rating (which is used by all 3 tank speccs) or my personal preference hit and expertise which also all 3 need and which there is barely anything to be found on that set ? Theres a total of 30 hit and a whopping 0 expertise currently on the entire set (if you leave out the 4setbonus) Hoping to get a reply on that one my dude! Peace
  7. edit: assumed a typo in the post here .. dont mind it ty sky execute-phase bonuses are lame ... why not make it a perm bonus with say a 5% chance to trigger it ? id like a numbers swap here ... 15% chance to deal 50% more dmg seems a bit low for a 6set bonus tbh ... seeing tanks with 15k+++ in current gear alrdy - a 400 health increase as a 6set bonus is meh ... not to talk about a mere 500 armor bonus double these numbers and itd be somewhat justified to go for the set a 3 min icd seems to be waaaaaay too high for an 8set bonnus if you ask me ... make it 1 min - also lower the threshhold to 10% or maybe 15% ... how come this set gets overloaded with stats ? seems biased to me ngl
  8. Nah ive just given up argueing with stupid
  9. Are you a clown too in your spare time ? Or just when playing wow/typing in forums? At least youre somewhat entertaining ngl
  10. Ask your guild leader about his experience... thsts the best proof i can offer you which is also neutral perspective
  11. Pretty toxic for a backpeddler to say that ngl
  12. Did you even play the game in the last month ? You could also just browse your Atlas loot and see that theyre nerfed Idk what youre talking about that these are better than naxx weapons but i guess you can go ahead and stay in your little imaginary world. Some might be beneficial due to weapon type and weapon speed ... but overall they are on AQT level at best
  13. No it should not since these weapons are alrdy nerfed and are alrdy worse than current BiS (sone of them at least) itll widen the build diversity tho
  14. And r13 weps And balancing And love

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