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  1. I agree but I also see where itswicky is coming from about it being uninteractive. It sucks because pets have had very little love for ages. Tooltips are unclear and many bugs that have been around for too long. I know it takes time, but again we're not going to see any of that stuff sorted. Just getting these nerfs. Incredibly disappointing. The real problem is the power of Bestial Wrath. CC immunity is strong. I would personally take a nerf to Bestial Wrath over the nerfs to REs and pets overall. Hunter pets are always going to have to be balanced around the power of this cooldown and you could argue that we can never see interesting design changes for pets until it's changed.
  2. I can flip that point about the lack of damage the other way around: why bother picking spells if you have no spell power? Hunter abilities such as wyrven sting, aimed shot etc are often already used by casters as even with low agility for damage and the utility that can't be easily brought by instant spells. What utility does auto shot bring? Poisons + deadly brew gives a slow, very good if you're trying to kite. For 2 AE investment and one RE you would have a 50% slow that is off the gcd. The issue of ranged attack specs not having much diversity is more tricky. The fact that there's only one class that has ranged attack talent trees definitely restricts what options we have. Ultimately, unless they added additional custom spells, talents and REs we can't see much diversity. Until then, if you want to dps as a hunter there will always be mandatory picks such as explosive shot in order to do anything.
  3. They probably won't be doing it for this very reason. If they removed the reset, auto-shot would become a necessary pick for caster builds in PvP.
  4. Like Bastus said: It used to be way stronger, however, it can still work. You can cast all the warlock dots while in meta which is pretty good, but ultimately you're relying on felguard damage. The only decent non-warlock spells you can cast in meta are disengage and intimidating shout. You'll have to be switching out farily often for pvp because of this.
  5. That would be fantastic I guess ultimately you want to foster a community on the forum. If you execute the weekly thread well I think you're on to a winner and new ideas for the forum might arise from that Thanks for being patient with me
  6. I think you want to have your cake and eat it. How can a discussion be moved forward if no new information is provided... We're on the internet, if things aren't moderated then of course it descends into anarchy, there's no consequences. This is the problem. Just because a few people might take information in this way, you're not going to give it out. Punish the many for actions of few. You have to accept that the internet is anonymous place, no forum is going to be some perfect haven of discussion. If you want to have some decent discussion with some of the more active members you're gonna have to divulge some information. As I said before, when Jacob would respond to pretty much every post on a balance pack or the RE suggestion megathread it worked really well, go check them out. An example I remember was reducing the global cooldown on shapeshifting into bear/cat form. It was a really great discussion and eventually an addition into the game. I think it's odd that you think there could be over-direction from devs. That's exactly what we want. Let us discuss the issues devs are actually tackling, help inform them when they have queries. This is a resource for devs to use to improve the game.
  7. Most of the really in-depth discussions or posts by users of the forum hardly ever go noticed. A lot of them never get a comment from the dev team (or moderators?). When Jacob used to post reasons behind balance packs, he often gave pretty good responses on those threads but since then - nothing. For example, right now: Why were the legendary REs for mutilate, metamorphosis and fire blast nerfed so hard? Why was it never discussed with the playerbase (or more specifically on this forum)? Players who chose to use this REs will have spent hours perfecting and grinding to get the build working, only to find it nerfed by 50% (for all of these legend REs at least) which is insane. Sure they were really powerful and probably deserved being brought down a bit but 50% is just ridiculous and isn't really encouraging the use of legend REs in builds if we know they can just be gutted. May as well go for a far more reliable (boring) build that just goes for % increases. To answer the question: reposted suggestions and attacks are not the root of the issue, they are a symptom. If the forum was listened to and moderated properly (with actual responses to devs) then these things would be solved. Until then, all people can do is say the same things over and over, because we have no information, left in the dark as to what the devs are intending to do with the state of the game. I don't think this will change though, so it's all chill, just let things be
  8. Joni

    Tree of Life..

    Yep, all spells work in Tree of Life other than melee abilities (which were removed towards the end of beta for balance reasons)
  9. It's quite annoying that most pet related REs are broken, and even more annoying how difficult it is trying to figure it out. Also, it's really unclear what REs work with beasts and what REs will work with demons, or both. There's a fair few items on the bugtracker about this but it doesn't seem like it's going to be fixed anytime soon considering they pushed out a patch with RE fixes a week ago.
  10. So I spent far too many hours yesterday collecting data on the random enchant and reforging system. Here is what I have learnt, how to best use the system (especially as a casual player like myself) and feedback: THE DATA Firstly here's the straight data I gathered. There are some knowns and some unknowns of the RE system. We know rarity is not proportional to roll chance. E.g. The 5/5 for a 5 tier enchant has only been seen to drop on ilvl80 gear, yet an epic such as Ancestral Awakening or Cut to the Chase (a one-off epic RE) rolls on gear below ilvl 60. This is also means some epics might have a higher rolls than rare enchants. Knowing this, I still decided to order my data into rarities purely as a general indicator and for speed of collecting the data. You could definitely break it down further into different types of enchant such as rare 2/5 enchants and rare 3/5 enchants or rare 3/3 enchants etc... There are still some interesting patterns to see from just looking at the rarities. So the roll chances: 70% white 20% green 4% blue 5% purple 1% legendary It's weird that epic rolls more frequently than rare. I think that is mostly due to the fact that some epics are pretty rubbish (looking at you TWO seperate epic holy fire dot REs!) Also, really disappointing how high the roll chance is for white enchants... I also got some rough data for how many enchants are required for a reforge level. It's only rough as the PTR was crashing and I didn't bother accounting for roll-backs. It seems to increasing linearly pretty slowly. HOW TO BEST USE THE SYSTEM So you're a casual player like myself. You want to get the most out of system that is really quite grindy, here's my advice. Always roll enchants onto bind on pick-up ilvl 65 totems,relics, librams. Reasons to do this: 1. They have the same roll chance as other ilvl 65+ gear. 2. If you are using gold, they are the cheapest option for ilvl 65+ 3. If you roll a good RE and want to use it it takes up the most convienient slot (unless you are hunter). Unlike Eye of Shadow, which although is higher ilvl takes up a trinket slot. What this also means: Always roll need on these totems, relics and librams when you are running dungeons. They are the only piece of gear ilvl 65+ and they are bop, it's effectively a free mystic rune roll. Secondly, if you are on a time budget, try to come up with a build that looks to use white enchants. You get a reforge level around every 20 enchants. With gold on a ilvl 65 that's around 280g, which is pretty cheap so using some extracts on white REs you can actually stack for a big effect is better than trying to save up 6x the orbs for a blue 5 stack. Economically they are just the best value for mystic orbs, you have the best chance of finding them, both on the ah AND when you use runes and finally there are some really powerful ones, often some that are more powerful than both green and blue... MY FEEDBACK I think the updated system has made some steps forward, but also some steps backward. It's great that there are some decent white enchants to use, however, when the dust settles and people figure out which are the worthwhile ones, guides will start popping up for entry level 60 builds and it might constrict people's playstyle to those builds if they want to play most competitively as a newbie. I think the best way to fix this is to make mystic orb costs increase per item enchanted with the mystic orbs. It allows for a massive grind for someone who wants to get the perfect enchants on 17 pieces of gear. But for a casual or a new player, they are still able to get possibly one 5 stack of any colour in order to not constrict their builds to only white based REs. I'm also worried about the direction of legendary REs. Some are super build-definingly powerful. I managed to try out 12 of the 30 from collecting this data and some of the legendary REs are really just too good. It'll constrict design space for future REs if you have to keep in mind these insanely powerful ones which only take up a single slot leaving 16 others... Thanks for reading.
  11. I'm not voting but: I do wanna point out that during Beta, Sarg was perfectly fine and had a healthy population. I really still don't understand why character wipe was so necessary, it destroyed some of the community, sure not all of it, but it meant I switched servers to softcore, and I'm sure many others did the same or even quit. Another important thing to note, was the knee-jerk fixes/updates just before release. Why was fel communication just suddenly buffed before release, 3x experience etc... I just want to point out the irony in this situation. One of the things that got hardcore into this mess was wiping the beta, yet somehow the solution being proposed is to wipe hardcore again... I do think merging them is probably best as there's really no point sticking around on a dead server BUT I think it's really important that lessons are learnt from these mistakes. People's need the option to transfer to the new hardcore if/when it exists, otherwise I really think the trust has been lost for hardcore players.
  12. Disappointed to hear old REs are not going away. It was heavily implied on Discord at some point that the RE overhaul was an attempt to make REs have more build-changing effects over straight stat increases. Salmaer's posts here make it sound like we're not going to see those sorts of changes, unless they heavily nerf stat increase REs, but that's effectively the same as removing them on some level (and just adds to the clutter of useless/nonsense REs that already exist).
  13. We're in a Pandora's Box situation because current damage output is so high but raids are balanced for it. The nature of WoW (before the implemented PvP templates) makes it very hard to nerf PvP damage without affected PvE damage. I have no interest in raiding so I'd prefer them to balance PvP but that would cause a lot of anger from the (larger) PvE community. Some of the things you've suggested would be insane nerfs to PvE. I don't actually think there is a solution, WoW was never really balanced for the PvP. You could disable all REs in instanced PvP but that is fairly boring and gear will still allow for newbies to be one-shot.
  14. Glad to see it only took a month to remove the crazy 2h buffs.
  15. They would've worked fine if a variety of things had gone correctly (never needing to purge live/a large enough community to have an economy). As it is now, the tomes just don't work as a system (and tbh never did, even during beta I largely ignored them other than a few key spells, but at least then I could reliably buy the ones I wanted) Also just want to mention the lack of transparency with tomes (and generally some of the custom systems). Why does the community have to work out which spells have tomes and which don't? Do lower tier tomes (e.g. Shadow Ward) have a higher drop chance than better tomes? We have exactly the same problem with REs. They were overhauled at one point during beta and now a lot of cool REs are gone... or maybe just higher tier? It's impossible to tell, and this lack of knowledge makes it harder to create a build.

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