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  1. For evey player recruited probably 15 are turned away, we have standards unlike you, fish boting and all. Just give up.
  2. We only invite exceptional players to the guild that have something to offer, none of you will ever be able to join, you can't even clear pve content. Talk about meaningful hahaha
  3. Your guild lost a 4v12, 4 warmongers 12 Kfc raiders, I would actually disband my guild if a single one of you dumpster diving kids joined. You're pathetic.
  4. I spent 4k gold in a few days on the war effort recently along with 16 hours of farming 2 days in a row on my days off, if you're wondering why we shot up in points significantly it's because most of us are farming, were not mass inviting like Genesis. I never talked to you about joining I would never invite a shitter from your guild in a million years, prove me otherwise show proof. You can't because you're a liar.
  5. What a loser you are, I messaged 1 player to join the guild for the first time in over a month because he does bgs 8 hours a day and isn't half bad at pvp, being in <Yikes> is clearly a waste for an active pvper.
  6. Yeah, might as well put them in org/sw no point
  7. oh and 1.5-2k pyro blasts crits with cooldowns, 2.5k with zerking and flask, is like 1 tick of bladestorm on a shit geared tg with all their cds used, it's really nice having to bust your ass to get every single kill in this spec, when playing my rogue and tg it's literally 3 buttons and every single ability does more damage than my mage who has to cast multiple spells for even a chance to do less damage than your average mele. do play the spec and enjoy staff!
  8. First you nerf flame on, arguably "OP" you've never heard a good player complain about playing against it, then you nerf fired up making it completely useless in pvp. I'm the only fire mage on all your realms who pvps now because of how god awefull this shit is, first of all you can't have an acceptable amount of crit without sacrificing major amounts of spell power to play fire mage here, there's no equal ground of acceptability between the two, too much crit means not enough healing and burst. not enough crit means no procs so basically no damage, with both REs complete trash it's almost come to a point where you may as well be playing a wotlk fire mage except you'll lack crit or spell power and most abilities that make the rotation decent without procs. It's actually so fucking bad i can't believe it. Do the beta testers not play basic builds with the nerfed REs? Flame on is so fucking cute, get 3 casts to make fireblast 100% crit, i'm lucky to get 1 cast off vs any decent mele here in 1v1 running earthbind snare, fear, dragons breath. 5 enchants of epic fired up next to useless because it's random, not being able to control your pyroblast proc makes lining burst impossible, it's all RNG and low at that because low crit and SP. So mix the ability to not be able to cast vs 90% of the players with the random proc of 5 useless REs mixed with either LOW SP or crit and you get what the current FIREMAGE is, F U C K I N G B A D L O L Try it, go play the spec I've tried 9 variations so far none of them work its fucking trash and pisses me off how useless an entire spec is now, matter of fact all the mage specs are pretty bad, I'de say arcane is the best atm, and very good players like inssanity can hardly pull it off. Please keep nerfing mage so more than 90% of the server can go tg, thanks.
  9. There's good pvpers that do PvE and completely fuck battlegrounds sideways, if a good pvper decides to raid, get bis and do bgs it's like a lvl 19 twink fighting fresh level 10s in the 10-19 bracket as we can already see this happening in bgs. Which is partly why bgs now consist of 3v3 matches. You have no experience in this matter, if you give me bis bwl gear while you're in t1 zg-mc gear I will win 100% of duels against you, or anyone on this realm without much effort, 40% total crit from 5 set t2 as a fire mage and over 300 spell power advantage. I would be able to win 1v3s consistently. You remove competitive end game PvP on this realm which is bgs and 1v1 arenas completely when there unobtainable gear, not that raiding is a huge issue, it's that we were told raiding would no longer be a requirement or necessity. We wasted so much time playing here. If I wanted to play raid log simulator I would have stuck to the other dying realms ascension has to offer.
  10. Unless you want a community of raid loggers things need to change. +1 for OP
  11. I encourage everyone here to pull out the ascension talent calculator and have a crack at making your average frost mage PvP spec, there's so much you have to sacrifice. @undeadrise I'm Deathstep on Sargeras and Laughing skull if you want to 1v1 me and my caster specs feel free to do so. You will lose.
  12. It doesn't need to be top performing, itnjust needs to be able to win 1v1 with BIS gear and enchants vs your average mele player, especially as a frost mage,cits insulting not being able to at least 1v2 as a FROST MAGE LOL, coming from a player that's played 3 years of frost mage on several wotlk servers, cast time needs to be less than 1.6 with 30% haste, the lowest I find is playable is 1.2 vs he mele here, and talents need to be merged, you can't get the bare minimum and still have a viable PvP spec because the lack of talents.
  13. And I'll 1v1 your garbage ass with my "hardcast" firemage any day. You play on LS?
  14. Evey spec should be playable as they keep saying in every ascension update video. As it stands frostmage is 100% unplayable in pvp

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