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  1. Feenix was like that for a while, everyone just put up with it.
  2. Weird, I don't find any of the things you brought up to be a big deal. If the mechanics are solid, I don't see why someone would quit on those grounds. I only quit because PvP was shaping up to be awful: people just spamming instant casts on each other, and other unbearable problems brought on by the buffet style character building you love so much.
  3. What do you think the foremost ground for this death is?
  4. I haven't played in months. Have people come to find the game fine, or in dire need of an overhaul? Last time I suggested this, in June, people didn't like the idea. Maybe attitudes have changed? Here's the idea: First, the restrictions in the talent trees would be enforced; in order to get a 31 point talent you'd have to invest enough points into the tree, like normal Warcraft. Second, a similar system would be imposed upon the different schools of abilities; abilities would be arranged in tiers, like talents, and in order to reach the end tiers (which would hold the most powerful abilities from a given school) you'd have to get enough of the weaker abilities from that same school. This would hopefully: Make it impossible to snatch up only the best talents and abilities, thereby making the game more balanced. Decrease the number of cookie-cutter builds, resulting in more diversity. Result in people having more "aesthetically wholesome" builds, instead of being jumbled messes of all the best abilities and talents.
  5. The talents aren't locked, you can get any talent as long as you're the right level, and have enough to spend on it. I actually think this will hurt robust specs, and herd everyone into the same handful of god-specs, but whatever.
  6. Skribs, if even merely dispel is gotten by all PvPers, that would break PvP. Buffs and debuffs would be meaningless. I agree extra layers of rules can suck, but sometimes they're needed, and this is one of those times. Making dispel costly won't keep everyone from getting it, and won't keep PvP from being ruined.
  7. Even if you made the prices steep, people would still snatch up a big chunk of the top abilities, then just cope with having fewer lesser abilities. It's better than giving them away so cheaply, but still the wrong approach. I like my third currency idea a lot more.
  8. No. There's a strict limit on ability points, and talent points. The vast majority of combinations are withheld from the player already. There won't really be combos in PvP, there'll be combo. THE combo. It'll be all the best abilities like wind shear, and all PvPers will have it and be little clones of each other, running around spamming instant casts and cooldowns on each other until everyone over 12 gets bored and quits. Sure it does. Just use some common sense. Absolute freedom would mean everyone has every ability and talent. That's bad, so you put a limit. People now have only the best abilities and talents, so you set up rules that make it impossible to get all the best abilities and talents. People now gravitate towards the best build, so you tweak the builds until they have their own weaknesses and strengths, and none is clearly better than the other. Boom, you've done it. You've taken away enough freedom to create a good game, while keeping enough freedom to be fun.
  9. Oh, let me track down your post. That's no good. I was thinking you'd be pricing them at like 5 AE and up. "You can have this amazing spell that changes the entire dynamic of the game, but it'll cost you an extra AE!" Oh woooowy. You can stubbornly cling to your freedom, but when you're drawn and quartered I want you to remember that I had warned you.
  10. I know it's classless. My idea isn't based on classes, it's based on schools. And so what? The schools are an important part of Ascension. Talent trees still exist, and talents still make reference to their respective schools, often saying things like "increases damage of your balance spells by X%". I think the schools are here to stay. Since they're here, we could make good use of them for structure and balance. Why don't you make a thread for your idea? You shouldn't just hint at it and expect people to think it's better than mine. I want to see how your idea keeps all healers from being the same mix of the best healing spells from each school. I want to see how it prevents PvP from being 99% instant casts (no point in casting a fireball if it's going to get you silenced immediately). I want to see how it makes cool abilities like stealth somewhat exclusive again. The list goes on and on.
  11. AtomX, wouldn't people be free to snatch up all best abilities once they inevitably reach the top of your mono-pyramid? People can't fully customise now, as there's a point limit stopping them. The talent trees are also there to prevent full customisation. Full customisation isn't, and shouldn't be, the goal. It's impossible for us to not work within the framework of Blizzard's classes because we have to use their talents and abilities. We can either work gracefully with that fact, or clumsily against it. Graceful is abolishing the class restrictions, but maintaining some order among the schools. Clumsy is a broken free for all.
  12. We don't want people getting only the best talents, so we make them progress through trees*. By the same token we shouldn't let people get only the best abilities, and should make them progress through pyramids. Each school (such as survival) would have its abilities laid out in tiers roughtly according to worth. The first tier of all schools would be available from the start, but to climb higher up the pyramid you'd have to invest; you would learn some spells from tier one, to unlock tier two, and so on. This should: Make it impossible to snatch up only the best abilities, resulting in tamer, and more diverse builds. Result in people having more wholesome builds, instead of being jumbled messes. Result in a huge percent of the abilities actually being seen in-game, as people could no longer skip them. * It would seem THIS rule isn't even in place. Things are much worse than I had thought.
  13. The fact it isn't Blizzlike is a problem I have with it. I want to play Blizzard content with a different class system. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Valid feedback: "This proposed logo looks like an offensive body part, we should reject it." Invalid feedback: "This proposed logo is red, I don't like that colour. We should reject it." flying in Outlands wasn't a huge gamebreaker. . . there was the chance of world pvp all the way to 70. A bad main course is a deal breaker, even if the appetiser is good. I believe you still had to go to your city to visit the AH That was part of the problem. You had a bunch of people in Org and Ironforge, a bunch sitting around Shattrath, and only a few actually doing things in Outland. You could raid an old city, but it wasn't the same with only a fraction of people. Outland is the end game landmass, so top level people should be there playing with each other. For example, the Hillsbrad battles stopped when BGs were released. That was vanilla's biggest sin: adding battlegrounds with no mechanism to keep world PvP relevant. So, no, I don't think a single neutral city, or flying at 70, are going to break the game I think BC would be much funner without them. I also think you're basically just defending the status quo because you're comfortable with it. If BC had been designed just how I envision it, you'd probably argue in favour of that status quo. I bet you'd be like "Flying mounts in Outland? A shared capital city? Why make BC like Wrath?!"
  14. Shattrath is a very important place and it would remain so, but it would be a place you visit when you need to, not a place you sit around in all day. Instead, you'd be encouraged to hang out at your faction's hub, and, god forbid, have to actually interact with other players if your hub gets attacked. I don't think you put much thought into what it would take to do my idea. Disabling flying mounts could be as easy as removing the ability of a few NPCs to teach the flight skill; demoting Shattrath could be as easy as deleting dialogue options from a few innkeepers and bankers; turning existing settlements into the new hubs for Horde and Alliance could be as easy as throwing down a few new NPCs and possibly a few new structures. I've seen silly one-time custom events on servers that are more complex than that. I'm not saying you're not arguing the merits. I'm saying THIS particular concern you raised (that my idea isn't Blizzlike) isn't about the merits of my idea, and so is invalid. I'm clearly willing to discuss your other points, and that's because those other points concern whether or not my idea is good. THIS point isn't like that. Having one of your arguments against custom content on a custom content realm be "it's not Blizzlike" is invalid. It's not that my idea should be free of criticism, it's that the criticism needs to make sense. That's answer looks sensible, but is shallow and doesn't really mean anything. The Burning Crusade was only designed around these rotten features in so far as these features were intentionally added. Their degenerative effects are just as real in BC as they would be in vanilla. You can't cure gangrene by scheduling your month around it. The Burning Crusade is nowhere near as bad as WoW has become, but it was the first big step in that direction. Flying mounts eviscerated player interaction and made the world feel small and trivial; the shared sanctuary capital hurt world PvP; the welfare gear damaged the weightiness of the game by making rewards feel cheap and flimsy. Oh, and I forgot all about resilience and the segregation of PvP and PvE which is its own kind of problem. I don't see how more people don't see this. We have folks abandoning ship and coming to private realms to get away from the rot on retail, and yet they defend the early manifestations of what they fled from. Flying mounts, shared capital cities, welfare gear, heirloom gear, cross-realm features, phasing mechanics, dungeon finder, free artefacts, and all the rest of the garbage that's been accumulating in this series is an affront to the genre. Warcraft today is basically just a chatroom with minigames.

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