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  1. This is creative, I like the idea. The downfall to constantly increasing XP is the lack of world interaction in my opinion. I personally don't think x2 is dreadful and the bonus XP from completing dungeon finder is plenty to surge you from cap to cap in a day via a 4 hour sesh, or at least it has been from 20 and 30 and 40 so far. Maybe x3 for 50-58 and x2.5 for 40-50. I think the biggest thing with the time frame on each cap should be focused around 1 week because the casuals probably have the most time to play on the weekends.
  2. This is a valid point. Casuals and people who need to catch up for old realms don't play nearly enough or have enough time to keep up, it was part of the reason this realm was made. Among this same problem, Ascension has 85%+ of their total population playing on the seasonal realm for obvious reasons. This means when the casuals logon they still have a rough time with the "no-lifers" who have BIS gear and hit cap lvl same day as release. Now there is isn't much to do about that, here would be my personal suggested time frames of staggered level caps. Level 20 - Six days (up from 4, originally 3*) Level 30 - Seven days (up from 4) Level 40 - Nine days (up from seven) Level 50 - Eleven days (up from seven) Level 58 - Thirteen days (up from seven) Flush. This is a total of 46 days per season, roughly a month and a half. (up from 28/29*) I think less than a month for a "seasonal server" is good and bad. I like how short they could be if they are consistent each month and ready to go. Although for casuals it will die off around level 40 because there isn't enough time for those players. Level 20 and 30 are quick and easy and probably the most fun and balanced. Level 40, 50, and 58 caps start to get hectic with meta builds, cat, and time it takes to actually level (not to be confused with dungeon finder grinding all day) for the casuals. Hex, thanks for starting a thread - forums are the way to go!
  3. staggered lvl caps are new, they will perfect it. 3 days then 4 days for 30 cap, and a week each for every 10 lvls beyond that, it will be a month before 60 and then flushed to old servers and new season boom. they are way ahead of their time my dude.

    Shadow Hunter

    I agree with statement above. I like the concept. Most of the time here are my mana mitigators. 1 - Water Shield (lots of melee on this server) 2 - AotV (debuff, but easy to run and regain) 3 - Mana tide (quick, but not the best) 4 - Spirit tap 5 - Wisdom Any of these should suffice with some Intellect and look into getting passive talents for mana regen while casting.
  5. I believe there is also one at Dalaran. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAPpp50C1K8
  6. +100 - bump - agree - common sense
  7. This is huge. I fully agree with this suggestion, I too find it "annoying".
  8. Much agreed, I keep logging in and looking up. Please do import the textures - they are beautiful and they are showing in dev videos.
  9. Great share, great build. I think this will help people understand casters are viable.
  10. From what I know, after a server restart they all spawn again. As for times to respawn the mob itself after they've been killed, a couple of Google searches should help on this. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=14487/gluggl#comments
  11. I too wish donated money would be of some sort usable elsewhere. All items should be transferable at a 50% discount. Excluding items under 3$. What do you think?
  12. TYGORO

    Tank build

    Hey Guys, Follow me... Check out this link, it's a beginner build for starting with Bear tank and enough sustain for solo pvp out in the wild. Let me know what you think. I highly recommend getting this tool to theorycraft. Lvl 45 required, probably some spare TE.
  13. 1) Travel Form must be nerfed. Ghost Wolf and AotC are not nearly as worthy. 2) Totems need buff. 3) Faction based guards disabled. It's a FFA server, please allow "horde" to grab "alliance" quests and vice versa. 4) Druid Cat needs minor nerf 1-40. 5) I can party with the opposite faction and then talk, why not whisper? Be able to whisper any faction race. 5b) Be able to guild invite any faction race. 5c) Be able to add friend any faction race. 6) Update the website timeline. 6b) Update forum reset password link to work properly. 7) LAG! Are these ssd servers? 8) /who. 9) 10 second honorless departing an inn. 10) forum/index.php?/topic/2439-custom-racials/
  14. I wanna be the very best - that no one ever was. I will make the ultimate customized character! I will be a creator of many builds. I sound like I use Fiverr, haha. Add me in game name: Tuskk - Laughing Skull, look forward to playing with everyone. Please let this game grow and expand to the point of thousands of players. It deserves the recognition, truly innovative. I am from Colorado and will be playing mostly 8pm MST and on the weekends.

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