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  1. Off hours the server IS barren. Part of why I've basically quit is my friend and I can't find low-level dungeons during off hours.
  2. You dont see why latency peaking at over 10k and server crashing for 2 hours a day isn't an issue? You don't see how broken gathering systems aren't an issue?
  3. Latency issues are a big one. I don't know about lately but server was crashing more than daily. Gathering issues. I've heard one or two people claim gathering is fine, but most think its really bad, and I haven't heard it's fixed. It's why I've quit. Lack of a test server is a big one. Can't easily test builds so people get bored of grinding for the next build and quit. I wanted to start a site devoted to builds and I know TommyRuin loved doing build videos, but without a cheap way to test builds the theorycrafting ccommunity is thin. Speaking of thin community: one-sided battlegrounds and a hard time finding dungeon or raid groups for your level, especially for a US player, makes it feel like a single player game. There are issues with spells or talents not working. The developers don't seem interested in addressing most of these concerns. I do think talents and REs need to be revamped completely, but as I said in your previous thread: I dont want prereqs. I dont want to be forced to get X amount of fire spells to unlock the fire spell I want, because then everyone else will also have those fire spells. So, to sum up: A talent rework is needed. It is not even top 5 on my list of priorities, and tiers or prereqs are not the answer.
  4. The server is dying, but not because of a lack of prereqs. If anything, that would make it die faster.
  5. I voted one time use, but now that I think about it, they should be entirely removed. Mainly so I don't need to keep track of which tomes I do or do not have.
  6. They could in Ascension, but it was taken away right before live launch.
  7. I have my own issues with REs, and I was planning on making a post about them...but since I've basically quit except for a few characters I level with a friend once a week or so, I haven't bothered.
  8. PvE servers were Blizzlike, too, and they were pretty popular.
  9. Some people do quit because they don't wanna be ganked. This alone wouldn't save the server, but it would be something that players want. Not all players, obviously, but some.
  10. The talent tree does need a revamo, but its not on my list of priorities. A free test server and fixing mineral nodes are much higher on the list.
  11. It would take weeks of farming to repeatedly change and test builds. Players are quitting rather than do that. Its part of why I quit MWO (mechwarrior online). I got sick of farming just for the ability to try out new builds.
  12. I don't think that the new player argument is valid, as new players should have to work to unlock things. It gives you a goal to work towards. However, I think the problem is with respecs requiring you to reacquire books, as well as keep track of which books you do and do not have. I'm also running out of bank space on my bank alt from all the random tomes I'm holding onto in case I pick up the ability. So, for 2 out of 3 reasons I agree tomes should go away.
  13. You lose time. You lose that mineral node that already took 20 minutes to find. You lose patience.
  14. So, there ARE herbs, but it's pretty useless when you've just picked up herbalism and find tons of mageroyal and earthroot, which is all I was able to find in Durotar today.
  15. They didnt stack in live (motw might have). Would be kinda OP if they all did because you could get most of the way to resist cap with spells and talents otherwise.

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