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  1. Just for clarification, cause I dont know I guess I'm asking, but if youre low risk, go into an invasion and attack a high risk player, do they still drop loot? I thought it was coded that you only lose gear if you're high risk and your killer is also high risk. So if you're high risk and killed by a low risk player in an invasion you don't lose gear. Again I dont know can you say for certain it's working one way or another. Cause if you don't lose gear in this scenario then I'm going to say it's working as intended
  2. If you dont like it I think your welcome to go make your own custom wow game and program yourself, no one is forcing you play on this realm. And there are stealth talents that increase it up to about 40 seconds I believe and yes its to prevent abuse as this is a wide open pvp realm type game and being in permastealth can be easily abused.
  3. I think you need to read your quests and not just blindly turn them in. I mean its a pretty unique part of the game and these quests they made just for this realm so you would think you would read it before just completing things. I dont think you can get another scroll of choosing its just a one time deal. Id open a ticket with the GMs in game and see if they will do anything but then that would be giving you special treatment and open the door for just everyone to ask for their scroll of choosing back which defeats the purpose. You might be SOL on this one
  4. Im still new but the only difference between no risk and high risk is that in high risk you have the chance to drop loot if killed by another player. The world is still very much all open to PvP, I think when you venture out in the open world it phases to no risk and high risk phases but the invasion itself is one phase and combines the two groups of players again. Maybe its a population issue and if they keep the split there isnt enough people to do the invasion? Idk. But thats really the only difference i see in the two risks is no risk you dont lose your gear when killed. This is a full pvp realm I believe and the criminal intent allows you to attack your own faction
  5. Is there anyway to search the AH for a specific RE that could be on like any item? or is it just a lot of manually scrolling?
  6. I guess I was more weighing, do I start over cause Ive literally rolled no good abilities to pair with my starting ability backstab, or do you just hit 60 and start doing the weekly quests and reroll like what twice a week for new skills?
  7. Just that, when do you decide to reroll your character? Im currently level 50, was playing a stealth+BS build, this is my first character, and to this point at level 50 I still literally just have BS+Raptor strike as my main attacks. I know forever unlucky, paired with poisons, rupture, serpent string, SW-Pain, and about 4 heals and other useless crap this is what I got. At what point do you say forget it and just start over? Or is there still a good chance to hit 60 and attempt rerolls of your crap abilities to get better ones? I dont know whats worth it. Again first character so I hate the idea of having to redo all the work again on and already time expiring realm (Idk when the season ends)
  8. Just wondering when the current Season is looking to close? Id like to buy DP and the Book of Ascension but I was told it wont carry over to the next season so if the season ends in idk a week it would feel like a waste.
  9. kind of a bummer you have to keep buying DP to buy the vanity items...I know I saw seasonal points?? those carry over right? I think I saw you could by the book through that or is that system not in place yet cause the items say they cost 0 seasonal points and I have 15 but cant buy it
  10. so what happens at the end and then season 4 starts up, will the vanity items i purchased in season 3 carry over?
  11. but when season 4 starts if we choose to start that season fresh will the vanity items be there also?
  12. I wanted to donate and buy the book of ascension for my Elune- season 3 realm but I hate the idea of only having access to it for a couple months while the season is active then its lost. Are all donation items lost at the end of the season or will they carry over to the next season? It says "be sure to choose the right realm" so i wasnt sure if they carry over or not to new realms
  13. Im a new player returning back, I had a character on the high risk just prior to when seasons came out, coming back it looks like my character and my DP point items are gone (book of ascension) I have a few questions Where can I go to read more about how seasons work? Does my character get wiped at the end? it looks like the abilities are random, do I lose my character when the season is over My old character is gone is it just the result of a data wipe and start fresh?

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