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  1. there are alot of unused places and sightings in global of warcraft and it's hard to look them all. this addon will send you on a quest to find out a number of these places. there also are some puzzles jumbled in. the quests are difficult sufficient as is i assume however in case you need a real challange, try solving the quests without the use of google. the addon will provide you with a description of a place, npc or different venture to do and you may need to determine out what to do. how to play instructions may be determined inside the addon or at the addon web page. the fast description is: discover what the search wants you to find and press the resolve button. when you have to find an npc you target that npc after which hit solve. this is mostly a proof of idea. if there is sufficient intrest i will make greater quests and implement different ideas i've.https://19216811.cam/ https://xender.vip/ https://testmyspeed.onl/

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