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  1. Whatever, seems like development is very active but the admins are completely disconnected from this community, they might as well make it their own offline private project at this pace. Rip
  2. And once you're at the peak of that mountain of spikes you lose motivation to keep logging in, since there's no actual endgame thanks to the devs continuously rewriting the basics or adding small client details. They're very capable and certainly no technical issue would be the reason for them not to continue the work on their original character advancement concept and real endgame content, it must be a management failure of some sort.
  3. Yeah but not really, mine isn't a complaint about class imbalance at all, class imbalance is just a symptom of devs being out of track. I personally didn't bother much, PvP scenarios right now are either about you winning by a mile or losing by one, there's never a fair fight with fair odds unless you're playing against someone with a very similar setup, I find losing against a similarly specced player more frustrating than being oneshotted by a shadow caster, since I don't take the latter seriously at all, that's the problem. I'm sure that's what turns new people away from this place, if they stopped focusing on the rng gimmicks and boring forced styles of seasonal and worked more on low/high risk realms and TBC it wouldn't be so empty anymore.
  4. Seasonal as a side project would be okay, instead it became the main focus and it doesn't make any sense, especially after the resources spent on Andorhal. Is anyone from the staff going to reveal what your goals actually are? it would be nice.
  5. Hello, I have been around here for a year now but I no longer play for several reasons, I do come to check if any changes are made, every single time it's stuff about seasonal or other things most of the potential population (what you could and should have) doesn't care about. The initial goal and promise of this server was to offer the player a chance to build their own class and identity, that is the attractive concept and you should work on it, such idea means that you need to be very careful when balancing spells and mechanics and you did spend a lot of time into it, but it is evidently not enough. People stop playing or leave when they see that some average cookie-cut class deals 50 times the dps that their own well planned class can do, the motivation to keep playing here is gone when you see that a broken mix of spells outclasses something you loved to build and play, this is not a huge problem as long as it is addressed in time, there are plenty of spell combos that do way above synergy and are simply broken, you can find out more about them by asking the community. Nothing changed in months. The staff here is mostly focused on the seasonal realm, while Andorhal is seen as the "legacy trash", but why? How's a realm where you're assigned a bunch of random spells giving players a feel of control and customisation? Even the seasonal realm is functionally dead. Sure you can find a bunch of lvl 1 infinitely resetting themselves in starting zones and some "hardcore" guilds doing their own challenge, but there's NOTHING in between. Seasonal is not fun to play since all you did about it was throwing away blizz's conventional classes and forcing players to play with stupidly random things, most people are there because of the rewards and nothing more, there's no class identity, no real synergy, you won't even look like the "class" you're trying to play, it's simply a random cards game with extra steps, and it's out of your original concept. Andorhal is not fun to play because it is empty due to two things: 1: Your focus is always on seasonal 2: Balance is being overlooked, reducing the damage certain abilities deal on players is not enough when you still have shadow based casters killing you or anything else in 3 global cooldowns All this while ignoring TBC, I know you do hope TBC will bring you more people but you'll lose just as many once they realize the flaws in your project idea. Would be nice to have more support from the community and staff about it, I personally feel no satisfaction in playing the game anywhere else so I really wanted you to succeed, such thing won't happen if this forum stays the echo chamber of useless complaints that it is.

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