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  1. Hello, My character name is i am Achilles. I am Ironman 56lvl and i saw NPC in Un'Goro Creater "Simone the Inconspicuous". Next to that NPC was another NPC like dog or wolf. That dog was 3k HP and i was readdy to kill it with all my CDs with no problem but... I Attacked the dog/wolf and then i get instakilled from "Simone". I didn't start the fight via talking with her. I didn't attack her at all. I ATTACKED the WOLF/DOG, but she killed me with 1 hit 9000 dmg. That NPC wans't HOSTILE TARGET and i didn't do any dmg to her. With all my clear mind i am not going to risk my Ironman challange by attacking ELIT MOB 17k HP when i am 4k HP and 4 lvls under it. I am leveling that character so carefully and safety. No risk at all. Only cleared battles, always avoiding the dangerous by using the paths and roads. I spend all my time doing it so precisely that i got all my proffesions almost to the end. All I ask is JUSTICE. I am not trying to lie, cheat or hide any information of the situation. The only one who can help me is the Ascension Staff member. Thats why i am making that topic. I believe you will take all circumstances in consideration. P.S. I didn't use any TRADE, MAIL, AUCTIONS, INVITES, DUNGEONS and so on. I 'am keepeing the things right till i get answer from you so I will be offline by not playing till I get any resonse. Thank you in advance!

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