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  1. Ive played quite a few builders/sim's, and really enjoy that aspect of game play SimCity, SkyLines, Banished, Tropico But I am looking for something a little else, something like Majesty.. -You are the governor of a small starting town, and you must herd your 'sheep' to find resources, and found new laws to protect the weak. You are unable to build anything yourself, solely relying on your subjects obeying your commands, but they dont want to! They demand homes, so you must sway the leaders of the town to vote for a residential zone. Passed 7-6, you sold your soul to buy a vote, 1 leader is now building a factory right next to the houses your going to build- Does this sound similar to anything anyone has played? (Sorry for the story :D) hotmail.com
  2. Here's the full scenario: My family adopted another family for the holidays this year. We got their Christmas list with each kids needs and wants. The oldest kid (15/M) asked for an Xbox but made a note that he realized that was a lot to ask for and wasn't really expecting to get it. Well I wanted to surprise him and have been watching deals online and pulled the trigger on a Costco deal. XBOX One S 1TB Bundle with 2 Wireless Controllers & 3 Month Game Pass Ultimate I was happy to find that Game Pass was included for 3 months because I wasn't sure what kind of games to get him since the only details I had are name, age and Xbox. Then I realized that I don't know what his home internet status is, so I want to get him atleast one starter game in case he can't use the game pass. SO MY QUESTION IS: What games would you buy if you were in my shoes? He has younger siblings and the pack comes with 2 controllers, so I was thinking something with local multiplayer. Other than that, I really have no idea what to buy. I could use some help!whatsapp web routerlogin
  3. As title said. Why doesn't Project Ascension have more players? It's really fun to play with all class abilities and the content is also tuned to work with that idea. Is the classless wow hated by most people or what? What's turning people off about it?fedloan irs.gov easybib
  4. I really wanna try it but some of the features are a bit of a turn off for me like the hunger system and i think the loot dropping on death?? Not sure maybe my memory is botched. But i'd like to know how most people feel about it and if it feels good/fun to play.reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
  5. I've got the base game, storm of souls, realms unraveled and skulls and sails. Thinking of combining storm of souls and realms unraveled. Which do you guys think would work well together?https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/
  6. Pre-p2, ironforge become continually full and there had been lfgs going until the early hours of the morning, now however there appears to be a completely great decline in the amount of people looking for dungeon/raid groups at peak instances.vidmate mobdro word counter is everybody else seeing comparable traits?

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