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  1. yea with 1 point or a single RE would be enough since 33% chance to trigger vs mele hits is already huge(and most likely guaranteed to trigger), before, some specs used to stack it, i believe now with the changes its mandatory to iether have 1 piece of gear with the RE or atleast 1 point in it. The value you get with the new changes for a single point is to much to pass out. If im right and its worth it for everyone to invest in it, it will be terrible and unbalanced, and if its so bad no one uses it then its also unbalanced. It was at a desirable state in which few people used it.
  2. When buying a tome of specialization i think it would be a good idea to give the player a choice of copying the exact same skills you have in specialization 1. This would allow players to have a pve talent spec and a pvp talent spec with the same skills, and if you improve your specialization 1 with hands of fate, that could encourage people to buy specialization 3-4-5 so they can copy the new improved set of skills. This way we win and devs win.

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