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  1. That still sounds like endlessly chasing and nerfing whatever flavour of the month people are exploiting. Players need limits for their own sake.
  2. "You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian" If you ever want to be invited to any decent raid you have to be effective. Can't you see the problem in that logic? In other to stay competitive, you have to do what everyone else is doing. "Every build have a counter mechanic" Just pick the same one point wonder talents and skills and have better gear. "If you dont like it, get back to retail." I can make my own server. Whoever thought of this idea was a genious, but I think the execution could be much better and bring more players. I like the idea very much and I want servers full of people, that's why I'm trying to help.
  3. I think that is because the ascension idea rocks but it's not delivered in the best way in my opinion.
  4. "limiting the choices is not what Classless is about." It's not limiting but giving players a frame for their own good. "It really is not this complicated, if abilities are always being picked such as Blink, then there cost should be increased to 3AE instead of 2AE and abilities that are never picked should be 1AE instead of 2AE." That sounds like chasing a bone. Endlessly chasing what players decide to exploit next. Constanly nerfing and buffing the flavor of the month. Instead of reactively chasing the next flavour I suggest proactive actions. "This has been mentioned many times here on the forums, this is no new subject." Well, I'm different. I think I know best and I'm a strong willed person. Thank you.
  5. "Obviously Meta will always be there" Yes, everyone will pick windfury, frost armor, a seal, an aura, a buff and possibly blink. Where is the fun in that? "but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough)" In seasonal you can't pick what you want, you pick from what you get. "It limits the game" Only if you want a sandbox game. What you call limit, I call a system. Don't let them pick all the good skills with one character, so they have the incentives to level up many to catch them all. If people have many characters, there will be more pve.
  6. It's healthy if they have the incentives to level up many characters because they can't pick all the good skills with just one.
  7. Title. There is few people in Darkmoon. Andorhal is worse. Merge servers. Characters on Wild Card mode get +10-15% base stats increased.
  8. Can it be done? Change race, sex, and customize your character again.
  9. People like talking and doing stuff/watching. Promote a neutral place for people to gather around the fire, have a chat and have some friendly duels. People come to mmorpg for the gameplay but they stay for their online buddies. People are less likely to leave the server if their group of friends is comfortable and enjoying the server. Good for the people and the game. People will abandon places where they have no bond. An easy teleporter to a neutral zone would be nice. Outside Gurubashi arena would be a good choice. Keywords: -Easy teleport -Able to duel -Neutral -Near an arena so people can make groups.
  10. Title. Patch needed: By limiting how many classes you can pick skills and talents from you make people level up more characters. Apart from all the risk and the rewards from a more specialized build. Let's allow players tools to come up with new crazy builds when they find items with their main. Let's give people more rewarding experiences and more incentives to level up many characters.
  11. Generalist should be weak when facing with a specialist in the same field. I would like comparing Lol characters Ascension characters. Can you transport the concept of being a generalist, and having a bit of everything efficient in your kit of skill to character progresion in ascension? Some quotes from a post about the issue. The problem with generalist champions in league. Except them being weaker in any individual field. The reason generalists are common picks is because they're safe picks, which in turn makes them good picks. Every other specialist does what a generalist does in one particular area miles and leaps and bounds ahead. The problem with generalist champions in any game is that they will either reliably perform anything you need them too, and thus always be the optimal pick, The problem with generalist champions is like OP said, they should be jack of all trades master of none, but they end up master of all because sometimes they don't have enough drawbacks in their kit And I completely agree, they shouldn't excel at anything in particular. Their strength should be their flexibility. The problem lies in execution. When a generalist is strong, they are always the go-to pick. No risk, no assesment, monotone, no challenge, no uniqueness, Strenghts and drawbacks are part of the identity. Sacrifices and decisions are challenges. Winning a melee combat against someone who ganked you, because you decided for a uncommon build and that talent, that skilled payed off is rewarding. It also give people more motives to level up characters don't you think? Why level up multiple characters if you can have everything in one?
  12. Main hand is the right hand. I haven't tested it, but I doubt it would proc on the left hand.
  13. How to make a physical character in Andorhal. -Pick an aura -Pick a mage armor -Pick a Seal -Pick a hunter aspect -Pick a paladin buff Have you seen lots of people with the same skills? Aspect of the beast? Why would any melee character not pick it? Devotion aura? Why would any melee character not pick it? Frost armor? Why would any melee character not pick it? I think that by having too many options, we are having less options. If players can spread as wide as 27 subclasses they will always pick the same 1-2 points bis wonders skills/talents out of efficiency. They will hurt their own overall experience by always picking what's most efficient. Something that will lead to meta, cookie cutter builds with the same talents over and over again. When there are no classes, everyone will pick what's most efficient. Everyone will pick frost armor over beast lore. Players will kill their own fun, creativity and sense of discovery and wonder by picking efficiently. I think devs should limit the range of skills you can have, to something like 4-5 classes (12-15 subclasses) By limiting them, you are improving their enviroment, making them think creatively, and making them feel smart and resourseful about their choices. By doing that, I think Andorhal can get the best of both worlds: choose your own destiny (Andorhal), and think creatively, adapt and be unique of Darkmoon. I wish I could upload images. My first bg and everyone had frost armor, aspect of the beast, a seal and a mage armor.

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