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  1. This is not meant to be an emo "qq i quit and hate you all" post. I am only posting this because I like Ascension and (most) of the players and therefore care enough to post. I am quitting Ascension (for now). The main reason is it seems they have "killed" the Private Test Server for Laughing Skull. Daggerspine (the PTR) now seems to be setup for seasonal realms based on the facts that I cannot transfer my character from LS to Daggerspine (error every time) and new characters created on Daggerspine are in "Draft Mode." This is a newbie nerf. New players who have ideas for builds or who need to test which talents/abilities stack/don't stack or interact in an expected manner are no longer able to without spending gold/honor/real money. I don't mind spending gold/honor/real money for changing builds on my actual character but strongly believe there should be an environment which lets us "play" with or "test" new builds without being penalized before spending on our actual character. Without a PTR people who are GMs, who know GMs, or who have been playing since forever will have a much greater advantage. Don't get me wrong; players who have been playing for a long time probably should be rolling with the strongest/funnest builds (assuming they've put in the effort to find them)...the thing is they had the PTR to test builds with and new players don't. My favorite thing about Ascension was the freedom it gave to play any build and to try to find new and unique builds that I enjoy playing. Until that freedom is restored I will be spending my time on other things. Thanks for the fun times I had Ascension devs and players! -Zalaphamapho/Qwant

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