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  1. Good Afternoot, i need you help guys, i downloaded the file "Asencion.exe" and i put it in the wow folder, i donwloaded too the "Patch A" and i put it in the "Data Folder", i even installed the "Ascension Launcher" and i put the files into the wow folder, but when i open the "Asencion.exe" to start the game, the "Downloading Update" Appears, but it remains at 0% and then I get the message "Patch Required", which I don't understand because I'm supposed to put "Patch A" in the data folder " After that, i click on "restart button" which is the only option that shows, then, the login screen appears, but when I try to enter it tells me that my account details are incorrect, which cannot be because I had already logged in before on the page. I don't undestand what i did wrong, i just wanna play ascension, but is very difficult to me install the game. Can anyone help me please?

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