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  1. Hi guys, I’m not sure if this has been asked before I couldn’t find anything like this on these forums, so let me know if otherwise. So I have this idea about a tool I wish I had when leveling my toons in draft mode, letting me know if there is potential synergy with the new abilities I get on leveling up with those I’ve already drafted. By synergy I mean abilities that have good respective talents for them, or good mystic enchants or just synergy between abilities you already have. Now about the tool itself, probably having an addon for that would be the most convenient for players, but I’ve never written an addon before, so I’m not sure I’ll have the time to read on Lua and addon making best practices in order to write it well and in a timely manner. So since I’m a web developer I was thinking about a web tool where you can import your current build and see where your build could potentially end up. The tool will be showcasing possible build archetypes, RE’s and talents you can potentially go for. Since this is pretty much an idea at this point I haven't thought about how exactly things will work in the tool, but I do want to know if anybody else in the community had a similar thought and would use something like this? What would you like to see in such a tool? P.S. ingles not my native languare

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