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  1. I downloaded the client elsewhere to manually add the patch and .exe, I can get in but now I'm facing another problem.. Something to do with the Ascension AIO addon, if I dont disable it I'm not able to see players move and I cannot interact with the npc's, server is unplayable without it. Anyone else had this problem before? Help me solve it please.
  2. Can any staff member shed some light on this?
  3. It gets stalled randomly, I'm positive its nothing wrong on my end but if there is anything I can try let me know
  4. The only MegaUpload link I can find is the patch-A.mpq file, but for this I need the game first, which I cannot download using either the launcher or torrent.
  5. Hello, I've tried downloading with both torrent and the client, both stops randomly.. First time I tried installing it stopped at 50%, but as I restarted the client and tried again it would continue download few % before stopping again, until I hit 99.85% then that method didn't work at all anymore. So I removed everything and tried again. Any tips? https://i.imgur.com/Q0apMSy.jpg

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