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  1. Hey there! As we all know who play on Andorhal, there's no real good way of trading RE's, you just gotta be lucky and get it on a BoE drop if you want to be able to trade it since items become soulbound when enchanted. A way to solve this problem would be to make items on Andorhal not soulbound, but I know alot of people wouldn't like that since it would allow gearing up without even raiding. But there are ways to make RE trading possible without having to remove the soulbound effect. What I was thinking about was implementing something similar to Armor/Weapon Vellum that got introduced in wotlk. Basically what that does is it allows and enchanter to apply and enchant to a Vellum, which stores the enchant so you can later put it on an piece of gear. Basically just make an item that you can put into the mystic altar, place a random enchant on it, and then trade it to someone else who could then either put it on an item or add it to their own collection. A pretty small thing that could have a big impact on RE's, as every day I play the server I see people asking to buy RE's but they rarely find a seller. Here's a wowhead link to the Vellum: https://www.wowhead.com/item=38682/enchanting-vellum

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