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  1. It's no secret Andorhal is dying a slow, painful death. With WoW Classic just releasing and season 4 still pretty new, we are at an all time low population even with the realm merge. From spending hours sitting in que to do the daily RDF (IF you can even get it to work since it's bugged to hell and back) to most guilds only doing 1 or 2 raids a week, IF that. We are losing Andorhal, and soon Ascension, if we can't fix the issues or get more people to play.
  2. Just wanna know how we're supposed to reset our characters Talents and Spells in the PTR server now that the robot looking guy is gone?
  3. Wouldn't work unless the RP was enforced. Now, if you want a kind of experience that will leave you with stories, imagine a Survival Server. It would include bringing back having to eat, Forced Ironman(Survivalist) for every player, etc. Of course, PvP would have to be disabled to avoid griefers.
  4. I would LOVE the option to play Ironman mode with the ability to pick and choose my abilities instead of RNG spells/abilities and worrying about getting ganked by a level 60 troll right out of Westshire. I'm sure alot of other players would, too. It would also help increase the population on Andorhal.

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