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  1. Yeah I hear lack of balancing a lot but can't say I agree it's such a good value for time spent. I'd say game fixes are always good value for time - like they recently improved pet pathing, for example. This will improve the quality of game play indefinitely. Also balancing a game with so many available options is notoriously hard. I'm also not sure how devs would even tackle balance - play battlegrounds/raid all day and observe what's OP? Even blizzard which has the luxury of detailed data from millions of users, ranked arenas, dungeon/raid clears, timers etc. usually messes up balance and there's always a handful of specs that dominate each season. At least on Ascension changing spec is fairly painless. Having said that, we can still see there's a fair amount of ability/talent/RE tuning: https://project-ascension.com/changelog Regarding enabling Arena isn't it already enabled? There's a NPC in Booty Bay where you can register a team and I've seen some people who have a team from inspecting. I disagree that rewards come later, they're essential to get people playing the format/reducing queue times. Yeah TBC additions should freshen things up but also having people play competitively (arenas) should make PvP exciting. Right now on Laughing Skull Battlegrounds are only consistently available on the weekend and when they're available it's boring to play because either teams are unbalanced (i.e. 3v1) or noone cares about actually winning the battleground.
  2. Not sure if you can make the items BoE while maintaining the item loss in high-risk. If you can drop the items you can just death trade them making them effectively non-bound. I guess you can make the argument that death trading is so inconvenient compared to AH that most low/mid tier items would get vendored/disenchanted and leave the economy. I think leaving bloodied items as non-bound would be OK if 1) they're only good for PvP and possibly equivalent to 1.5/2+ tiers lower for PvE (i.e. AQT bloodied~=MC/ZG non-bloodied for PvE purposes), 2) there are always stronger rewards from ranked PvP (arenas). With these 2 conditions met only "starter" PvE and PvP items would ever flood the market and these would mostly help newcomers catch up to the expansion progression.
  3. Yeah, I agree 100% - all I wanna do since I learned about Ascension is ranked Arenas with classless + RE system. I do hope they get the details right though - if High Risk rewards are too good/comparable to ranked arena rewards we may still get issues with long queue times and lack of competitive scene. Also the player population being fragmented across 2 realms isn't helping so the solution consisting merge + hybrid system + bloodstained items (described above) + TBC with ranked arena sounds pretty awesome.
  4. Just for anyone reading this thread in the future - I found a pretty healthy discussion around LS+Andorhal merge using the "Bloodstained" idea on the Ascension #suggestions discord channel. Some highlights: Dutch09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Nato09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Haddeqi09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Skray09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019
  5. Yeah, not enough attention to the legacy realms in favor of the seasonal realms is a common complaint I've heard in game. On the flip side, I guess seasonal realms bring new population and excitement to Ascension as a whole and the devs can only do a limited number of things anyways. Regardless, I'm curious if there' anything specific that you would call out as neglected atm on LS?
  6. Thanks for the update. It's great to hear that the team is actively working on a solution and trying cool new things out! I agree a lack unified High Risk system is a blocker for merging LS and Andorhal so this seems like a move in the right direction to me. Hope to hear more updates - is there a Discord channel or another place I should look out for? I'm actually not in one of those 2-3 LS guilds raiding Naxx. I've geared my characters and made bank entirely from High Risk farming which is exactly my issue. After I'm done with the grinding there's nothing else to do. I've tried raiding with several guilds and the experience is always the same - we struggle to get a full (10man) raid and usually have to settle with people from /World and/or 8-9 man. I think a lot of this is due to lack of motivation - people don't want to risk wasting time wiping in a raid when they can get the items much quicker by High Risk farming and buying on AH.
  7. TL;DR High Risk rewards incentivise solo-grinding over Raids and Battlegrounds. Solo-grinding is unfun and cannot serve as an end-goal so many players eventually quit. Thus, it would be best to rework High-Risk at some time in the future. Introduction I’d like to start by saying how much I enjoy playing on Ascension. I’ve played WoW on and off throughout the years both in retail and private servers since Vanilla and I can see the devs have really done a great job in many areas - when things work out as intended Ascension is some of the best WoW I’ve played. I hope Ascension keeps growing and I’d keep playing for years to come. Problem There’s a huge drop-off in population in the last ~1-2 months. The lack of players makes it much less exciting to play and limits your options content wise. Although the drop-off can be largely attributed to the double-whammy - the start of a new season (S4, ironman) AND the release of classic WoW, I don’t think we can blame the population decline entirely on these. If Ascension's LS (Laughing Skull) offered a unique and compelling game play, players would prefer it despite the alternatives. Cause The root cause of the recent decline is that the typical player lacks meaningful end-game content. I will define meaningful as content that is both challenging and rewarding. These 2 ingredients are necessary for a sustainable and thriving community - whereas leveling, various progressions (i.e. items, professions) and specializations (i.e. builds, techtrees) are present in other MMOs, what really sets WoW apart and keeps people playing is the focus on meaningful end-game content. Specifically, I’m talking about: PvE - Raiding & Dungeons (Heroic, Mythic, Mythic+ in later expansions) PvP - (Maybe Battlegrounds), Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds. I’m intentionally omitting WPVP (World PvP) because WPVP has always been overhyped not an essential element in my opinion. This is because most WPVP encounters are decided not by skill but by sheer numbers and organizational factors (i.e. high-end guild vs pugs). We can see how Raids and Arenas can be both challenging and rewarding - the challenge is the mechanics, communication and coordination, counterplay etc. and the reward is the loot, the defeat of a hard boss and the rating and titles that set you apart from other players. Currently, rewarding raids are completely inaccessible to the average player because High Risk farming provides such a strong alternative and drives down Raid loot prices. The best way to progress your character is to grind mobs in High Risk. Only Nax (Naxxramas) items are unobtainable in High Risk but most players cannot participate in Nax raids due to gear/spec requirements. The issue is not that Naxx is hard - it should be hard as the latest raid. The problem is there’s almost no reason to complete earlier raids because of the flood of raid items obtained from High Risk grinding. A Solution Although High Risk is a really cool and unique feature of Ascension I believe it’s degrading the game experience in its current state. I would propose changing High Risk with the release of a future major patch (Burning Crusade release would be ideal), as follows: Completely remove dungeon/raid drops for High Risk farming - these should be obtained by cooperating with other players; completing dungeons and raids and competing in PvP. Letting players get high-end loot from solo grinding mobs eliminates the alternatives and is unsustainable. Increase profession materials drops in High Risk - cloth, ores, herbs, leather from skinning etc. This would make it easier to grind everything you need to start doing dungeons, raids and pvp which is what the game is about. (Optionally) Add cosmetics/mounts to High Risk loot tables. These would provide the gambling aspect previously provided by the rare epic drops you could get in High Risk without wrecking the game economy. To Discuss I’m interested in hearing others’ opinions on the matter and seeing a discussion around how we can bring up the realm’s population. Specifically, I’d like to ask: The Players - What do you enjoy most about playing on Ascension/LS? What do you enjoy the least? The Devs - Can we estimate High-Risk’s contributions to the population decline using some player data? For example, we can compare the decrease of daily/weekly active players on LS vs Andorhal around the time S4 launched and around the time classic WoW was released. Also curious what is Andorhal active population vs LS’s active population. Finally, do you have any thoughts/plans on reworking the High-Risk system? Everyone - What do you see as the main problems with Ascension/LS that drive down the population? What are some solutions?
  8. This will really depend on your spec so it's helpful to share your spec and what you're trying to cast, what's your rotation, etc. Regarding melee getting behind you at the end of your cast - facing melee attackers is just something you have to learn to do consistently as a caster. If you think about it it's actually harder for them because they need to move which takes time, but rotating in place has no speed restriction - only your mouse speed. Regarding what to cast - there's a good amount of insta cast/cc/defensives/heals available to casters. For cc shadowfury, death coil, psychic scream and possibly frost nova, fear, polymorph and nature's grasp. Being aware of your attacker's hand of freedom activation and cooldown can help you with kiting a lot as well. For mobility/while in stun - blink, travel form(or better ghost wolf with talent and REs), disengage/feather macro, thunderstorm, barkskin and dispersion. For heals/absorbs - PWS, ice barrier (great with RE to frost nova when broken), holy shock, riptide, penance. For general strategies first I'd suggest to use range to your advantage and pick REs/talents that increase the range of your abilities - charge has 25yds range but frostbolt can have 38yds range, smite - 36yds. Also as a caster try not to be in the center of the battle - you can be just as effective from the periphery. The rest of the issues probably depend on the specifics of your build but in general casters are in a good spot for pvp atm so it's about using what's available effectively.

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