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  1. So heres the build im just kinda wondering how much i should invest into fire dmg talents (useing fireball as my malestrom spender) and also wondering about stats, right now have 150 into str and rest into int. just not rlly sure how much to invest into melee and how much to invest into spell dmg. im hoping to eventually reroll a bit for slice and dice for combo point spending. :130:131:133:498:587:588:633:635:1752:1766:2139:2457:2983:5504:8024:8042:8075:8190:13795:18960:20271:20608:21084:965425:71t1:157t5:221t5:223t1:269t3:274t2:574t1:611t3:681t1:901t1:1481t1:1691t5:1702t3:1705t3:1758t3:2054t2:2057t3:2058t1:2185t3:2195t3:2280t1: Thoughts and comments plz XD remember this is a draft build.
  2. https://project-ascension.com/news/view/160 answers some of the questions i had but still wondering about high level gank protection because if there isnt a system in place to protect against it there will be players who level to 60 or w.e running around STV ganking and ending peoples ironman playthrough, while there is some protection in place because of the whole only ironmans can fight other ironmans but still doesnt say anything about higher level ganking. if there isnt any protection against this i will not be playing high risk ironman and i dont know how many people will be willing to waste their time with it.
  3. I hope not seeing as ironman mode is a dead is dead mode... you only get the one life XD
  4. So i'm Loving the plans for season 4 Draft looks awsome and so does ironman mode but i do have a question/concern regarding ironman mode, i'm curious as to weather there will be any protection in place to stop level 60 players or even just higher level players in general from going around trolling ironman players by showing up and ganking them. I'm asumeing there will be something in place much like the high risk mode 5 level diffrence system but i just want to confirm before i set out on that adventure. Thanks

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