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  1. Well i tried to buy 100dp but not working in norway either. Shop dont want my money and they dont care to respond? Good customer service!
  2. With so many wow fans out there it will not be hard to get more players if you make it more friendly. Your attitude show perfectly well why many people try it out, like idea abouth free skill choice...then get ganked and decide to probably go back to wow again. You want more people to play ascension or less? Most people like to play and relax. This is a great product. Great potencial. Just make atleast one server with choice to be neutral to pvp and game will get more supporters. If you check out 20 most populated mmo rpg, you think you will find most players in games you get ganked and choice are : "So you got two options. 1: Suck it up butter cup and keep playing. 2: Leave.  " OR in a game game where you can play,relax, have fun and go pvp when you want later? As i said...check out 20 most populated games.....hardcore pvp in less then 10% in those games...why dont you want rest of people when game struggle?
  3. I looked forward to play this, but being randomly killed when doind quest killed it for me.
  4. I just quited. I dont like to be killed randomly when doing quests. Just wanted to play and support this idea of replaying wow when able to pick anything you want. I will return with my support that day they got server which is not pvp. Normal or rp doesn't matter. Damn i looked so forward to this...but bein killed when doing quest by some ramdon dude killed it for me.

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