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  1. I'm leveling a tank atm on Season 4, it's a "warrior tank" using a shield with shieldblock and evasion as the only mitigation CD's at the moment. Is it best to go all in to stamina or best with some kind of mix? I haven't had time to test the difference between a larger life pool or more strength to get more block value, but i tanked BRD - Prison earlier today and noticed that the dmg was very spiky. That was between lvl 48-50. Shortly the question is; before endgame, is it technically better to go all in to stamina or do some kind of mix?
  2. I dinged 60 before the merge, so i hadn't picked any talent then - and now i cant pick any. For example i'm trying to pick Mortal Strike and when i do it says "You can't upgrade that talent in Wildcard Mode". What do i do?
  3. So im not really sure if there is anything special people pick at 60 with those core abilities. Other than that don't have anything special really. I have: - Poisons - Charge - Victory Rush - Chain Lightning - Smite - Frost Shock - Flame Blast And that is about it, except cleanse, BoM and some rubbish. I'm using a 2h as i assume that gives more dmg with rend and overpower. If you have any suggestions i would be very greatful!
  4. I tried that just now and it seems as that is not the case. I had 64 in Engineering and switched to Skinning which i now have 110 in and still not getting exp from it. So still very unclear about the "rules" of it.
  5. So it seems that when you remove/"forget" a profession you stop getting exp from your other profession or any profession you get after that - is that how is it is supposed to work? Or is it a bug? I guess it could be to prevent people from "exploiting" it while leveling, but in that case: do the professions start giving exp after a while or does it stop giving exp forever on that char?

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