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  1. Retarded cause we disagree with you? Lmao and of course you're on andorhal too who would've known. Toxic as shit.
  2. He's saying andorhal players are backpeddlers are big noobs at pvp. True tho
  3. Yep I agree, wildcard is pretty terrible as of right now. And it takes away population from the other actual servers. Wildcard needs a draft system or it won't last any longer at this point and the server will die sadly.
  4. Ok u know what I'll switch to Andorhal then and see
  5. Triggered all the andorhal kiddies that's why
  6. So laughing skull is dead, yet is the only server that killed c'thun? Apparently Andorhal has all these 'raiding guilds' and 'players' even though they haven't even cleared c'thun yet? Lol so dead server and a bunch of noobs you're telling me?
  7. Similarly to the seasonal realms, Andorhal and laughing skull should be merged to address population issues. With andorhal being dead and having a much smaller population than Laughing skull, andorhal should merge over to Laughing skull. The developers have even stated that they have fixed transfer issues and lag related issues, so there would not be any missing characters, or laggy realms.
  8. Andorhal is the most dead realm of them all. Multiple raid teams is nothing. Every zone is barren and only players that play are from the same three active guilds of <20 players on the realm. Clearly people like wildcard and if the server is gonna succeed it needs to make those changes to wildcard or people are just gonna quit after rolling for hours to get shit rng later on.
  9. I see your non-sense posts on every wildcard suggestion, stfu your points aren't backed up and are just invalid. Wildcard needs some adjustments or it's going to die. Along with the server. It's not fun playing on legacy realms when they are dead.
  10. Terrible idea lol, this isn't some heroes wow crap where 10 yr olds only wanna play. Jesus you wanna kill the server lol?
  11. seaneffigy

    Auto Wand

    That'd still make wands not viable. They need to have buffs in order to be viable.
  12. Wildcard is great and brings in many players and keeps things fresh. Although there is good and bad rng. Scrolls of choosing and fortune are not enough sometimes. For the next season, if it is wildcard, players should get a scroll of choosing at lvl 30, or 40 and be able to pick up a talent ability, alongside being able to choose a talent ability at lvl 60. That way it prevents very bad rng and builds being ruined by getting way too many utilities, etc. Edit: Starting abilities should be chosen as well, to prevent people wasting days trying to reroll a set of skills that can be ruined by bad rng as they level up.

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