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  1. its Wildcard, if you cant read? Wildcard.....
  2. Hey guys, i need help with my build! i dont wanna have a crap build, like my talents and whatever, is there someone who main Arcane dps? and give me some tipps or just a few build so i can specc into it? Here is my Build right now! (i have still 4AE left and 1 talent point!) http://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:17:131:139:172:588:688:759:1454:1459:1784:1804:2139:2643:5143:6197:8042:8056:8143:8227:8921:13813:20217:22812:36936:66843:75t3:77t3:80t3:87t1:152t1:421t3:442t1:763t2:1007t2:1281t1:1481t1:1634t2:1649t3:1725t2:1727t3:1728t3:1782t3:1784t3:1826t2:1846t3:2209t3:2263t2: maybe someone can help me, to get the "perfect" build!! if the build is really that good i will pay you maybe!! but only main Arcane players pls Greetings! Ventix!

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