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  1. There needs to be a resource that details the current state (updated each hotfix or patch) of abilities and their scaling, as well as the talent and skill interactions and limitations. This is something most people that like theorycrafting and making builds would find really helpful. Very few people want to help others in the build making process, especially since a lot of the top players sell their builds for thousands of gold. The entire thing is like one big secret, and I've even had people PRETEND to be helpful, while feeding me incorrect information to throw me off their build. (Certain talents dont work when they do & saying they took certain talents that they dont etc.) If its intentional that talents ar ekept hidden, then everyone should have access to the same resources toaid in the process of figuring out what works with each other and what doesn't. Side not: Special thanks to LYFE for his list, its the best resource thats closest to this.
  2. I think you missed my point completely. I'm fully for World PvP, and High Risk is fun and exciting. I like playing high risk. I dont mind losing gear or getting ganked or fighting dirty or fair. What is NOT fair and NOT fun Is when your opponent is no risk and you're high risk. I'm finding No Risk players in a high risk phase when doing invasions. They can criminal intent and loot you without worrying about losing their own stuff.
  3. You see why this is a problem yes? Someone could go no risk in this scenario, and gank people that have high risk toggled on while they're aggroing elites in a scripted encounter. So not only are they not fighting fair, they're getting your loot for pouncing on you while you have elite mobs hitting you. If its working as intended, and if that is indeed the case, that's fine. I'll just not do invasions unless I'm no risk, or just not do them at all.
  4. Hi there, This is more a question and suggestion in one, I was wondering if the following was intended by the development team when implementing the hybrid system. I was doing an invasion with a small group in high risk, we had a another small group sneak up on us and we started PvPing. The skirmish lasted something like 10-15 minutes, and was pretty fun (more so for them than us considering the gear/level difference) but in the end we decided to switch to no risk and just complete the invasion since in that time we didn't manage to kill any of them, they seemed like seasoned players on the Laughing Skull realm and we just wanted to finish an invasion for the first time. Upon returning, but now in low risk, we found ourselves in yet again another PvP scenario with well geared players looking for some action. Unsure if its the same people, but getting ganked over and over we gave up. Group disbands. Are no risk and high risk players supposed to be able to see each other and PvP in invasions? To me, this seems like an oversight. There's a difference between World PvP and griefing people while they're aggroing elite mobs in, what I would call, an open world dungeon. If it IS intended, are high and no risk players seeing each other in these areas and killing each other? That seems rather unfair. Going no risk and turning on criminal intent to kill people while theyre trying to do an encounter in high risk (or even no risk for that matter) is.....well, its griefing. Is this how these encounters are supposed to be? Thanks, Riyact

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