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  1. Can a administrator or someone please look into this as I’ve tried everything I possibly can!
  2. It’s not a full blown error, it literally says exactly as I have stated on the login screen immediately after password and username being entered
  3. Does anyone have any news on this? Anyone find a way round the bug?
  4. Sorry didn’t think confusion emote would be a down vote, I manually installed using uTorrent added the patches, set the realm list and still have the same error.
  5. It’s really annoying I can login at hers but not once I go back home? It’s not like I could contact Blizzard support over a private server so I though best to post here BUMP - Please help!
  6. I downloaded using the installer not torrent we recently moved house it works at my cousins? I was playing her account on my laptop!
  7. So going back a few nights my cousin came over and was talking about playing this server, she showed me all sorts of cool things such as various abilities and stuff like that! Video's from people online, she installed over last night and so did I, she logged in but is having the same issue as I am; she was having this issue at my house, but now she is home she can play. How can I stop this bug from happening? I installed immediately left my computer to download all day, I log in to my fresh account "Login Unavailable, please contact Blizzard Support" I Have tried everything restarting my computer and more!

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