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  1. My apologies. I'll be sure to direct future questions towards you, since you have knowledge that I don't. The difference in player engagement is not even close when comparing new content on legacy to seasonal releases. Again, you are either misunderstanding me, or not hearing what I'm saying. Ascension as a whole, that includes LS Andor and seasonal realms, would likely not be online at this very moment and there may be no forums for you to come post to or anyone to here your feedback if we did not start doing seasonal servers. Releasing new content for legacy realms brings old players back, while seasonal content brings new people who have never even heard of Ascension in. We want more people to hear about Ascension so we can experience growth within the community. This thread seems to be devolving a bit, don't know if it's because my A/C is out and it's hot af here, but I'm locking this one down as the discussion no longer seems to pertain to the balance changes mentioned in the OP. If any of you guys have additional feedback to add in regards to this update, then be sure to message me directly on Discord and I'll be sure to share what you have to say with the rest of the team, and I'll catch you next time when we have updates on our PvP changes coming in the future!
  2. As I stated before, we currently have a separate team of developers working on naxx who are not working on season 4. I don't think you understand. Ascension as a whole would likely not exist to this day if it weren't for the impact of seasonal realms. Our last season had over 10x the player count there as we saw on legacy realms. Andorhal does not stay up simply because you will it to be so. We understand that we still have long time players who are not interested in seasonal at all or wish to play both. This is the reason we keep them active and continue to provide content updates to legacy realms, albeit not as often as we used to be able to. If we were interested in only cash grabbing and making money then we would only spend development time on seasonal realms. We care about the community, so we work hard to do updates like these to keep everyone engaged and out of respect for our long time players.
  3. Updates are being pushed to LS at the moment. If you are using the new patch it will have the updated tooltips, but the changes aren't yet live. They will all be live by the end of the day. LS will be finished shortly and the rest of the servers will follow shortly after.
  4. We agree with you wholeheartedly. Other servers wouldn't really exist at this point without seasonal realms. We have a completely separate group of people working on naxx development and making sure it's in as good a state as it can be before release and a separate team of people working on development for season 4. I gave a reply regarding this earlier in the thread and I've shared the feedback I've gotten regarding PW:S with the balance team.
  5. You won't have any problem getting hit cap. I've gone over that earlier in this thread. I haven't done the math in a while, and unfortunately don't have the time to right now, but I recall using an Off-Hand being better than using Firestones, but I don't believe I've checked with Earthliving Weapon. When I have the time I can check it out.
  6. Have another update for you guys. Due to some technical issues we are currently unable to get the PTR up in time. Subsequently we'll be releasing the player patch live today, first on Laughing Skull. Once things look good there we'll be throwing it out to the rest of the realms. We'll continue to listen to your feedback regarding the changes here and in game. After the patch is released we will continue to investigate the issue with the PTR and attempt to find a solution so we can push future updates there first. That said, we will be prioritizing finalizing changes for Season 4 first, so PTR will be delayed slightly. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused for some. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game!
  7. I've just updated the OP with an additional change we've made to the Toughness talent in the Protection Warrior tree. This should now be a very strong catch-all talent for shield tanks which increases all of their primary mitigation/tank stats. This change, along with our other tank and raid changes, should result in a much better raid environment for shield tanks than previously. We expect them to be very strong contenders for top tank spot moving into naxx. On another note, we're having some technical difficulties getting the PTR properly updated and also fixing the issues with PTR transfers. We're on a bit of a time crunch, so I won't go as far to promise that we'll have it all fixed in time, but we are working hard and doing are best to get this test environment up for you guys before going live with these changes. That said, we will still be getting any changes live before naxx hits and are aiming to do so as quickly as possible, PTR issues or no.
  8. Even triggering it on 5 targets is more than doubling the healing output of your Regrowth and saving you 5 GCDs. You can still have the effect active on more than 5 people at a time, but it will only trigger on up to 5 people per GCD. Update: We're still working on getting the PTR updated. We'll make an announcement once that's done. We're also looking to try and fix some issue with PTR transfers atm. We expect to have PTR up and running before the end of the day and hopefully to have the patch on live servers at some point tomorrow.
  9. Something we discussed, but the Relentless Strikes change will end up being more impactful. All very good points! I believe that with the nerfs we did previously to raid content with some healing changes we did, combined with players continuing to get more gear, has made encounters quicker than before. Which doesn't favor DoT builds as you eluded to. In naxx there will be longer and more drawn out fights and more fights that have a constant flow of adds to multi-dot during encounters. I think DoT builds will be able to perform better in this environment. It actually triggers during Shadow Dance, so it's a very valuable pickup for Backstab builds. We're removing Shield Block from this talent. Also, I should maybe note that we have a patch coming out not too far out after naxx which we will be focusing changes more towards PvP. For now with this update we're looking to address some issue in raids and shift the meta ever so slightly there. The changes should allow Hunter to have more options in PvE more than it will be a large damage increase. The changes above are more to mitigate the loss of damage coming from the AQ 40 set nerf, but it likely will result in some minor damage increases overall. RE is currently unchanged and the effect only triggers once per Explosive Shot cast. Totally! Unfortunately it's not as easy as it sounds. Your axes will still be very strong weapons. No need to worry about having to farm new ones. I just asked about this and it should be ready for implementation before naxx. To reiterate, I understand some of you are upset about not having more PvP changes with this update. This update is aimed more towards raids and naxx progression. We will have a followup update in where we will be focused primarily on PvP changes. That said, keep your PvP suggestions coming and we'll be sure to use that feedback while we're getting changes ready for the next patch. Also, I've gone through and shared feedback you guys have given me today with the team and we'll be going over. Thanks to everyone so far for your contributions.
  10. I assume you're referring to the trinket. That and the Misplaced Servo Arm were huge outliers on the top of the spectrum. The trinket far more so than the weapon even. It's pretty insane considering the power of BV on Ascension right now, and some quick math makes that pretty clear. It will still definitely remain a BiS option that's only available for shield tanks, just like the BWL trinket. As far as the set goes, you'll definitely be wanted to go for the T3 set still, and you'll end up with quite a bit more total BV after gearing up in naxx as a whole. The very minor amount of BV you'll be losing from the 2 set bonus will be made up many times over by the amount of other stats like stam and def rating you'll be picking up. You'll be giving up around 30 BV total from the set pieces only, but picking up something like 1k effective health, over 4% total avoidance, ~800 armor, tons of hit and expertise, and the set bonuses. You'll make up that 30 BV with only 1 of the 3 available block items in naxx. You should definitely notice yourself getting stronger as you progress through naxx, and you'll even have more bosses which are properly designed better for block tanks. Fights where bosses will attack faster, and fights with multiple adds that need to be tanked. I believe shield tanks will be very strong in naxx.
  11. It depends on the variant, but the highest performing ones usually are focusing on Agi and crit and deal competitive damage on single target and do very well on cleave. Other types that might focus more on spell power or haste are usually not quite so strong.
  12. We'll try and get this rolled out on PTR if possible and then move it to live realms. We'll try and get this all done as quickly as we can. Any changes will be live before naxx release. Backstab had some really high potential in the past, particularly for PvP. It's shown to do well on Seasonal where you don't require a full suite of other abilities to complement it. We removed some modifiers from it because it had more than any spell in the game at the time. I'd agree that we could give Backstab a little more in terms of damage in PvE, but at the same time it remains a viable build you can bring to most any encounter. Exceptions being fights like C'thun, unfortunately. We'll have more patches yet this year before we get into TBC and so more opportunities to look at backstab.
  13. There was a whole section in the OP regarding Hunter changes. They got more than most builds, if not more changes than any one build. Blizzard doesn't also heal 5 nearby targets and proc effects which both trigger from heals and damage. It's more aimed at PvP than at PvE potential. I don't have exact numbers to share atm as we're still finishing up tuning for the raid, but the idea is that you will have less avoidance as a tank, but more health so that the incoming damage will be more predictable while also making it more challenging for healers to keep the tank and raid alive. What are you referring to with the Warrior 6 set and tactical mastery changes? In some recent data we collected on AQ raids we saw DoT builds performing very well, and they have great potential on fights with small amounts of cleaving because of the ability to multi-DoT. What specific build or variant are you referring to? Yeah, so to clarify the intent of the Vitality changes weren't to replace the existing high value talents. It does give cats another viable option, but they likely won't need it with Relentless Strikes. It's more to bring it in closer in line with the other talents, but it's hard to make is stronger as it's a completely passive aura which doesn't require any sort of decision making in game or while building your character. It should now be significantly less worse for the people who were actually using it. As for the second point, we'd like to take a look at energy regen as a whole when we have time to. Maybe before BC. We'll see. We'll see about getting these available for testing on PTR, but I'm not certain if we have PTR transfer properly working at the moment. In the meantime we're going over everyone's feedback and seeing if we need to make any further adjustments. What specific build are you referring to? SoR based builds? I know one thing you'll be getting in naxx is guaranteed crits on all your Exorcisms. The PvE implications of this are very minor. As you generally know in an encounter when to expect incoming damage and you still have enough GCDs for 1 shield caster to keep a 10 man raid fully shielded and you still will require 2 shield casters if you want to keep your 25 man fully shielded. The change was intended to reduce the effectiveness in PvP where you can preshield before engaging a fight and wait for weakened soul to expire and get back to back shield effects before taking any damage. Servo arm will still be very good for hybrids, especially for those using Stormstrike. The damage potential before any changes from this weapon was far, far too high to not address. We were looking to lower the potential for HoT healers and PoH/Tranq healers in raids, which is why they did not receive compensation like Hunters did. The resistance->magic reduction changes were done on a 1:1 scale. So that you are getting the same effective damage reduction as you were before through resistances. Tank builds are traditionally the strongest counter to melee builds in PvP. We've lowered their burst potential and their overall damage output. We haven't actually increased their effective damage mitigation in PvP versus spells. The current tooltip on live is incorrect. It is benefiting from 40% extra damage with poisons. We're increasing that amount to 45%. Thanks for commenting. I'll ask the team for clarification on this. On Seasonal only atm.
  14. Sorry, I failed to mention that we have some additional future plans to address things like binary resists in PvP. Seems a bit of an over exaggeration based on the information we have at the moment, but if you have information we don't then I'm all ears. Edit: I have to step away from my PC for a brief time, but I will catch up with any comments you guys have for me as soon as I return. Thanks in advance!
  15. Yeah, definitely a very good point. I think in most situations a Cat will want to be using Shred, but certainly there will be situations where this simply isn't viable. That solution is unfortunately much more difficult to fix as it likely requires some redesigning of how Trinitycore handles these types of spells or by adding in some spellscripts while redesigning them.
  16. As I mentioned, it's a bit tricky to do w/o further nerfing the standard melee hybrid builds, which aren't overperforming in raids by any means. If anyone taking a look at the thread has some ideas that maybe we haven't thought of yet then I'm all ears!
  17. I've updated the OP to include changes we have planned to a few of the misc. raid pieces in naxx.
  18. Hey there Heroes! I'm here today to go over some of the changes we're going to be releasing with our naxx balance update. There's a bit to go over, but I want to first share with you our objectives going into this patch. First is the tank meta in PvE. Based on our data we're seeing Bears take the helm, with 2H a bit behind, and Shield tanks lagging further behind them. While all three tank variants are viable for clearing any and all current content, our changes today aim at bringing them a little closer together. We're also looking at rebalancing the dps meta in PvE. There's a few very strong top performers that we're looking to bring down slightly. Arcane Missiles, Melee Hunter, and spell power melee casters (Fireball and Lightning Bolt Maelstrom users with spell power gear). We're also looking to bring a handful of specs up slightly as well. Namely Cats, a few Rogue archetypes, and TG. Again, these changes will mostly be minor, but should be impactful at shaking the PvE raid meta. We've also noticed casters on average will be able to outperform their melee counterparts, so we have a few minor general melee changes coming which should help melee be slightly more competitive on fights which don't require much ranged movement. Another goal we have going in to naxx is to lower some of the power provided on a few of the AQ 40 set bonuses. We're only looking at touching on the outliers in this case. Some of these changes are targeted towards some of the builds mentioned above, Arcane Missiles and Melee Hunter, and some will be compensated for these power changes like traditional Hunters. Lastly, we want to try and better balance the healing meta going into naxx. Right now AoE healers such as PoH + CoH or Tranquility builds are very dominant. A big part of that is due to how effective they can be as tank healers with Beacon of Light. Effectively covering all vital healer rolls in a raid with one build offering huge amount of raid healing, very strong single target tank healing, and even powerful absorbs with Divine Aegis. We're going to be focused on cutting back on the big outlier to us, which is the powerful single target healing with Beacon of Light. We're also looking at changing the flow of healing moving into naxx. Currently boss and raid damage tends to be very large and spiky due to the power of healing spells. Bosses need to be able to hit your tank for upwards of 8k+ and your raid for significant amounts when you can heal your tank for 8k in a single cast while also providing him with a 2k shield and 2k+ HoT. In order to make tank and raid damage less spiky and more consistent throughout a fight without significantly nerfing healing right before a raid tier we've decided to implement an aura in naxx similar to the ICC aura which will increase your entire raid's health and lower your tanks ability to fully avoid attacks. This should allow us to tune boss damage to be more consistent and predictable while also creating a place where healer's can't trivialize damage by healing entire health pools with a single cast. Hopefully I've done a good job giving you an overview of what the team was trying to accomplish with our changes. Let's hop right into it. Survival of the Fittest - Now increases the armor contribution from cloth and leather while in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form by 5/10/15%, from 10/20/30%. Savage Defense RE - Now increases the amount absorbed by your Savage Defense by 3/4%, from 5/6%. Tactical Mastery - Now grants 2/4/6% damage reduction, from 1/2/3%. Fixed an issue where Tactical Mastery was not being cancelled while Titans Grip is learned. Shield Block - Now increases block chance by 25%, from 100% and increases block value by 50%, from 100%. Critical Block - Now grants a 24/47/70% chance to critically block, from 20/40/60%. Reduced critical strike chance of Shield Slam to 3/7/10%, from 5/10/15%. Critical Block RE - Now grants 8/9/10% increased chance to critically block, from 6/7/8% and 2/3/4% increased chance to critically strike with Shield Slam, from 3/4/5%. Shield Slam - Now does 20% reduced damage to players, from 15%. Shield Slam - Now does 15% higher threat. Shield Specialization - Reduced to 3 points. Now grants 4/7/10% block chance, from 1/2/3/4/5% and 33/67/100% chance to trigger the rage generation, from 20/40/60/80/100% Toughness (Prot Warrior) - Reduced to 3 ranks. Now grants 1/2/3% Stamina, 2/4/6% armor, 2/4/6% block value. There's a bit to take in here for the tank changes, but the TLDR of it is we're lowering the amount of passive DR available to bears, increases passive DR slightly for 2H tanks, and increasing the average DR and single target threat for shield tanks while lowering their reliance on Shield Block in PvE and reducing their damage potential with it in PvP. For a more detailed answer, Bears were outperforming all other tank variants in terms of damage mitigated while offering very respectable AoE and ST threat and high health totals. 2H tanks were, and still do, offer boat loads of on demand threat in both AoE and ST, but they were consistently taking more damage than than other tank variants. Especially on fights with unavoidable damage like DoT effects and spells. Shield tanks had acceptable threat, health, and avoidance, but were simply behind their counterparts in almost every category. The only time for them to really shine was on add fights, which Ascension offers little of at the moment. The Shield tank changes above should result in higher average threat with Shield Slam, around an 5% effective block value increase, and another unique high value talent option in Shield Specialization and Toughness. The above changes should result in shield tanks taking less damage on average outside of Shield Block, where they needed it most, while still being able to reliably hit avoidance cap while it's active and still see a noticeable increase in threat and damage reduction while it's active. We also have many more fights in naxx where you will need to manage adds properly as a tank, and more fights which will have faster attacking bosses. Both of which favor shield tanks. As a last note to the above changes, we initially planned on having Fierce Blows be able to be blocked. Due to some technical limitations with Trinitycore we've had to put that change on hold for now. We still have it as something we can revisit in the future, however. We ended up tweaking some of our changes with this in mind. Arcane Concentration - No longer triggers from non -damaging spell effects. Fixed an issue with the AQ40 Enigma 5 set Arcane Power bonus granting more additional missiles than intended. Arcane Missile builds have been picking up steam in high end raiding for some time now. While we're excited to see the build finally have time to shine, it's been clear the build has been handily overperforming all other in the current content. We did some research and found this was mostly due to 2 unintended interactions, or bugs. The first, and likely largest contributer, was the proc flags for Arcane Concentration. Arcane Concentration was triggering from many hidden and passive auras on players which was giving it a much higher uptime and much higher value than intended. This was noticeable even in standard and casual play. We say many players running this talent on our wild card seasonal realms. However, when combined with the Enigma 2 set bonus the effects was rather egregious. We'll be sure to monitor the new state of Arcane Concentration. We understand a lot of value was taken from this talent due to this fix, so we'll be sure to make additional adjustments to it in the future. As it remains, however, it will still be a must have for the Arcane Missiles builds. The second change was a bug fix too long coming. We apologize that it took so long to address, but this will lower some of the out of hand burst potential Arcane Missiles builds had in both PvE and PvP. As a last note on this build in particular, I wanted to say we expect the build to still perform well in PvE. While they are likely losing the most with these updates, they were already positioned high enough that their fall from grace should land them as a still competitive pick in raids. And again, we'll be sure to monitor their new spot and progress as the weeks go by. Reduced the damage of the AQ40 Striker 5 set bonus direct damage component by 25%. Lock and Load - Now has a 5/10/15% chance to trigger its effect, from 2/4/6%. The cooldown of this effect has been lowered to 15 sec, from 22 sec. Aimed Shot and Multi -Shot no longer share a cooldown. Master Tactician - Reduced to 3 points. Now gives your ranged attacks a 20% chance to grant 3/6/9% critical strike chance with all ranged and melee attacks, from a 15% chance to grant 2/4/6/8/10% critical strike chance with all ranged and melee attacks. Thrill of the Hunt - In addition to its current effect, now also grants a 33/66/100% chance for your Explosive Shot and Arcane Shot criticals to refund 1 sec of their cooldown, and for your Chimaera Shot, Multi -Shot and Aimed Shot criticals to refund 2 sec of their cooldown. This effect can only occur once per use of each shot. I want to first address Melee Hunters in the above context. We have one more change, which will be listed below, that will also have a minor impact in this build's overall damage which is Poleaxe RE minor nerf. We expect these two changes combined to be around a 3-4% total damage loss for the build. We expect them to remain very competitive in PvE and we even expect to the players keeping the 5 set Striker bonus for some time, potentially even still utilizing it for cleave fights in naxx. As for Hunters, we have a handful of changes coming. We expect most of the changes above to have mostly marginal impacts in the PvE performance of the build. We're giving them some strong new options when it comes to raiding which may alter their rotation a bit as well. Combined with the Striker set changes, we don't expect Hunters to be much more powerful than they are now, if only very slightly so. Focused Fire RE - Now grants 11/12/13/14/15% bonus damage on your Flametongue Weapon, from 16/17/18/19/20%. Maelstrom Weapon - Now grants 2% bonus damage per stack to Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, from 4%. Now also reduces the damage dealt by Fireball by 2% per stack. Stormstrike - Now deals 110% weapon damage, from 100%. Empowered Stormstrike - Now deals 15% weapon damage as Fire or Frost depending on the applied Shaman imbue, from 10%. The last high outlier we wanted to address in PvE was 'caster melee' builds, or builds which use a full set of caster gear and REs while utilizing the maelstrom talent. We understand that the true hybrid variants, ones going for more conversion talents, aren't performing on the same level as the melee caster builds. Because of this we attempted to get in a few minor changes to help even out the damage loss from the Maelstrom Weapon changes above. These changes, combined with the new naxx sets and items, should go a meaningful way in keeping hybrids as a viable raid build. We anticipate with the above changes that melee casters will remain and powerful option in PvE moving forwards, but shouldn't be as dominant as they were before. Poleaxe Specialization RE - Reduced the critical strike damage bonus from 2% to 1% and removed it from the Common rank of the random enchant. Sword Specialization RE - Now grants 1% melee hit chance and lowered the cooldown of the extra attacks effect by 1 sec. Mace Specialization RE - Both ranks now grant 2% melee attack speed in addition to their current effects. Sword Specialization - Now grants 1/2/3/4/5% melee hit chance, increased the proc chance of the extra attacks effect to 3/6/9/12/15% from 2/4/6/8/10% and lowered the cooldown to 1 sec from 2 sec. Mace Specialization (Rogue) - Now grants 2/4/6/8/10% melee attack speed in addition to its current effect. Another goal we had, which I didn't explicitly mention above, was to better balance weapon specialization talents. Having Polearms and Axes be the dominant, and sometimes the only viable option as melee felt very limiting. It was bad design and we apologize for not addressing it sooner. The above changes should ensure that you are able to equip whichever weapon is currently an upgrade for you and not worry about potentially lowering your overall damage. Relentless Strikes - May now trigger from Druid finishers. Cat's rejoice! This single change isn't the only one we have with our upcoming update which will affect cats, but it's the only change that affects only cats. And in a big way we believe. A long time struggle for cats was being able to obtain enough energy regen to be able to transition from Mangel to Shred. This was difficult to do without the use of the AQ 40 Druid set, which subsequently wan't very well itemized for cats. We think this one change will go a long way for what cats are able to do, and so we'll be sure to monitor their progress to make sure they are once again competitive with other builds, but to also make sure they don't become the next top outlier. Vitality RE - Now grants 8/9/10% energy regeneration, from 4/5/6%. Vitality - Now grants 13/26/40% energy regeneration, from 8/16/25%. Instant Poison - Now benefits from 7% of your melee attack power, from 6%. Mutilate - Now deals 45% increased damage while a Rogue poison is applied to the target, from 40%. Tooltip has been corrected to display the accurate value. Master of Subtlety - Now lasts 10 sec, from 6 sec. Another archetype we wanted to address was Rogue. While they remain a competitive build in PvE, we felt they could use a minor buff. While Vitality changes aren't specifically targeted towards those archetypes I wanted to add the change here. However, Mutilate will have a several % increase in total damage output while Backstab will have another option when used in tandem with Slaughter from the Shadows to provide bigger single target burst on fights where adds need to die quickly and while also providing a competitive average damage increase. Bladestorm - Now does 120% weapon damage, from 100% and now deals 5% reduced damage while Titans Grip is learned. Titans Grip - Now reduces damage dealt by 13%, from 15%. The reign of Titan's Grip has long since come and passed on Ascension, and they are now simply an average build which usually flies under the radar. These changes will give them a minor boost to their average damage output while also providing more power back to their burst, which was gutted heavily some time ago. This change will also allow Bladestorm to once again be a competitive option for Arms builds who have great sustain damage, but lack cooldown options. Strength of Arms - Now grants 2/4% bonus strength, from 1/2%. Improved Berserker Stance - Strength bonus no longer has a stance requirement. Many of the general melee improvements have been listed above, like the weapon specialization rebalance, but these are a few more that should help a few more general melee builds on Ascensions. Power Word: Shield - Now lasts 15 sec, from 30. Ice Barrier - Now lasts 15 sec, from 60. Sheath of Light - Reduced to 3 points. Now grants 4/7/10% of melee attack power and 5/10/15% of your direct critical healing as a heal over time, from 2/4/6/8/10% and 5/10/15/20/25%. The AQ40 Genesis 5 set bonus Bloom base heal has been reduced by 50% and scaling by 20% of the previous values. Now also has a target limit of 5. The AQ40 Oracle 5 set bonus Power Word - Shield component now absorbs 50% of its previous value. Blooming Growth RE - is now capped at 5 targets per trigger. Fierce Mind RE - Now grants 3/4/5% of your spirit as healing power, from 4/5/6%. Reaching Recovery - Reworked. Now reduces the amount healed on the primary target of your Chain Heal by 9/8/7/6/5%, but reduces the healing lost on subsequent bounces by 10%. Beacon of Light - Now has a very short internal cooldown, preventing multiple procs on area of effect heals. Now heals for 40% of healing done, from 25%. There's quite a bit to take in regarding the healing changes we have. To summarize, we want to lower to power of absorbs, lower the high potential of some raid healing, lower the scaling of Spirit healers, and reduce the single target healing potential of AoE healers. We felt these changes would be crucial for an optimized experience going in to naxx. I talked a little more in detail about this above, but without some adjustments to these things, it would be very difficult to properly balance and tune raid encounters around the insance potential of some of the strongest healing builds on Ascension. To expand a little on that, builds utilizing some of the spells above should still feel very powerful going into naxx. You'll definitely still want strong AoE raid healers like PoH + CoH and/or HoT healers. With the changes, however, you won't be able to rely on your raid healers to also keep your tank alive just by proxy. There will be a place for strong single target healers like Holy Light and Healing Touch healers, without having to worry about replacing one of your do-all raid healers. We also anticipate that current content will remain similarly as challenging as it is now with our previous nerfs done to boss health and damage as many of the changes above are maybe not as impactful as they first seem, barring only the Beacon changes. We'll definitely keep on open ear regarding all of our upcoming changes, but especially these. Finally we have many, many more changes coming that range from misc., to bug fixes, to minor PvP changes. This upcoming update was focused more towards PvE content given our upcoming raid release, but we are already hard at work on our next future update which will be geared more towards PvP. Here are the other changes we have coming with this update. Polymorph - Now has a 1.5 sec base cast time, from 2 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Legacy - Inner Focus - Now has a 60 sec cooldown, from 90 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Remove Curse (Mage) - Name changed to Dispel Curse. Winter’’s Chill - No longer triggers from the slow effect on Frost Armor and Ice Armor. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Frostbite - No longer triggers from the slow effect on Frost Armor and Ice Armor. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Recuperate - Now heals for 2% maximum health per tick, from 3%. Desperate Prayer - Now has a 90 sec cooldown, from 2 min. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Bat Sonic Blast - Cost lowered to 60 focus, from 80 and cooldown lowered to 50 sec, from 60 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Owl Snatch - Cooldown reduced to 40 sec, from 60 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Crab Pin - Cooldown changed to 40 sec, from 60 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Gorilla Pummel - Cooldown reduced to 20 sec, from 30 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Hyena Tendon Rip - Cooldown reduced to 15 sec, from 20 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Scorpid Poison - Cooldown reduced to 8 sec, from 10 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Bear Swipe - Cooldown reduced to 4 sec, from 5 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Crocolisk Bad Attitude - Cooldown reduced to 90 sec, from 120 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Boar Gore - Cooldown reduced to 8 sec, from 10 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Carrion Bird Demoralizing Screech - Cooldown reduced to 30 sec, from 40 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Tallstrider Dust Cloud - Cooldown reduced to 30 sec, from 40 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Turtle Shell Shield - Cooldown reduced to 40 sec, from 60 sec (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Wind Serpent Lightning Breath - Cooldown reduced to 8 sec, from 10 sec. (This change was already on Seasonal servers). Earth Shock - Now deals 30% reduced damage to players, from 35%.add>Improved Sprint - Fixed an issue wherein the players target would receive the slow immunity effect, rather than the player. Legacy - Track Dragonkin - Now costs 1 Ability Essence, from 2. Legacy - Track Beasts - Now costs 1 Ability Essence, from 2. Legacy - Track Undead - Now costs 1 Ability Essence, from 2. Soothe Animal - Now lasts 30 sec and applies a 20% attack speed reduction effect. Does not stack with similar effects. Fixed an issue with Beacon of Light keeping players in combat. Curse of Elements - Now lasts for 30 seconds on players, from 2 min. Magic Absorption - Now reduces the damage taken from spells by 3/6% instead of granting 0.25/0.5 resistances per level. Mage Armor - Now reduces the damage taken from spells by 4% instead of granting 15 to all resistances. Slow - Now reduces movement speed by 40%, from 60%. Lay On Hands - Now heals for 50% of the casters maximum health, from 100%. Lowered cooldown to 15 min, from 20 min. Fireball - Now deals 5% reduced damage to players. Blizzard - Lowered base damage and scaling by 5%. Fingers of Frost - No longer triggered by the damage dealt by Blizzard. Rain of Fire - Now ticks every 1 sec, from every 2 sec and increased the base damage and scaling by 15% of its previous value. Devouring Plague - Now deals 15% reduced damage to players. Searing Light - No longer affects Holy Nova. Thunderstorm - Cooldown lowered to 40 sec, from 45. Pummel - Now usable while shapeshifted. Gag Order - Shattering Throw now triggers the silence instead of Shield Bash. Improved Tracking RE - now properly indicates that the Random Enchant does not stack. Storm, Earth and Fire RE - Now reduces the cooldown of your Chain Lightning by 0.5 sec, from 0.25 sec. Improved Fire Nova RE - Now reduces the cooldown of your Fire Nova by 0.33 sec, from 0.2 sec. Time Warp RE - Now reduces the cooldown of your Blink by 0.33/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.67 sec, from 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4 sec. Improved Mangle RE - Now reduces the cooldown of your Mangle (Bear) by 0.4/0.5 sec, from 0.3/0.4 sec. Legacy RE - Divine Purpose now increases the damage and healing of your Penance by 75%, from 100%. Spirit Dash RE - Now remove roots when used but no longer grants removes and grants immunity to slowing effects. Body and Soul RE - Now increases the duration of your Body and Soul by 0.5/0.75/1 sec, replacing its previous effect. Searing Light RE - No longer affects Holy Nova. Fixed an issue where the AQ40 Oracle 3 set bonus would not trigger from certain direct healing spells. Also clarified the tooltip to reflect that it only triggers from direct healing spells. Fixed an issue with the AQ40 Conqueror 3 set bonus that allowed players to retain the critical strike chance granted by Battle Shout after unequipping the set bonus. The Fire Strike effect granted by Blazefury Medallion and Fiery Retributor will no longer proc effects intended to trigger from spells. Reworked Naxx sets and a few naxx items. Read more about those changes here: I know it's a lot, but that's all that I have for you today. I'll be doing my best, as always, to keep up for you feedback on this thread and I look forward to hearing from you. ❤️
  19. We are looking at these items and considering this. To expand on that comment, I don't believe, as others in this thread, that every item needs to be strong/viable/upgrade so we won't do any meticulous retuning of items. We'll take a look at a handful of the bottom of the barrel items in naxx and see if we want to make any changes.
  20. It was previously Fire, Frost, Nature. Also, I talked more with the team and we'll be keeping the T3 warrior shoulders itemized as they are currently, with block value. We currently still plan on changing the waist and legs.
  21. Update! I've gone ahead and made a few more adjustments to the sets. Time is running short, so these updates will be happening fewer and fewer, but I'm happy with the feedback you guys have been able to provide so far and with the changes we've been able to make because of it. Shaman 6 set now reduces all non-physical damage. Rogue 4 set now increases the critical chance of all attacks, including spells. Rogue 6 set now increases your chance to dodge by 3%. Warrior T3 has been reitemized as follows: Shoulder - 42 block value -> 15 expertise rating. Waist- 36 block value -> 10 expertise rating. 13 block rating-> 14 dodge rating. Legs- 63 block value-> 20 expertise rating. This should allow you to hit the soft expertise cap just by having your 8 piece equipped. We've also left the Gloves untouched so they can remain a powerful piece for Shield tanks. Also, a reminder that we have improvement in the works for Shield tanks as well, so don't despair seeing you block value and rating swapped.
  22. Sorry, missed that part. We'll look at doing this of the naxx sets and perhaps retroactively doing it for the AQ sets. Most, if not all, of the naxx trinkets are pretty darn good already. We're looking at items which are outliers in naxx now, though. Hey, I'll share this with the team!
  23. It's technically possible to do, but it's not something we have time to properly design and implement.
  24. Thanks for the feedback. Great suggestion! Uptime should be somewhere around 50% and the buff is chosen at random with a 1/3 chance for each to be triggered. Yeah, that's the gist.
  25. Right, but as mentioned in the OP we have a goal we're aiming for with power on the 8 sets. The Druid bonus should adhere pretty strictly to that goal.

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