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  1. You're always welcome to share with me here or through DMs. And to echo my earlier sentiment: We know that pet's have seen a lot of changes recently and we're aware that they're in a less than ideal state. Part of that is due to some remaining bugs, which we're prioritizing fixes at the moment, but it's likely that some of it also has to do with compounding changes we've been making to them over the past several months. It's also one of our balance priorities at the moment to make sure heroes playing pet focused builds still feel they have a place in our Azeroth.
  2. Wild Hunt will make up for this a bit, but we are currently discussing the current power level of pets and where we want them to be. We'll hopefully have some updates on that for you guys in the coming week.
  3. We'll look into this. It's not immediately clear how we can solve this issue, but we'll be looking into it and see if we can find a solution. We improved our maps greatly for the use of abilities such as Charge, but this meant in some areas Blinks behavior changed. We'll continue to see what we can do to improve our maps, but for now we're happy with the improvements we've made. We've got a few of these idea already up on our board, so its possible we'll see some of the above changes in the future, and as for the rest thanks for sharing with us. I've just rolled out some more updates and fixes to servers. We've now fixed: REs which rely on internal cooldowns (E.G. Warcry and Spirit Dash) should not behave as intended. Thunder Clap should now properly trigger both Crackling Thunder and the AQ 40 set bonus even when Deep Wounds is not learned. We had to temporarily disable Shockwave triggering Deep Wounds in order to apply this fix. All weapon enchant and REs should once again be working as intended. We're continuing to investigate other issues like correcting our new resistance formula to be a bit more blizzlike. Currently is rewards you more for having very high resistance and punishes you slightly more for having low resistances when comparing it to the blizzlike formula. Expect updates to this in the near future. We're also continuing to look at REs which have specific weapon requirements becoming disabled when swapping gear. We have a lot more on our boar as well, including things ranging from polishing the new instance checkpoint system to getting Wild Hunt fixed. We'll be continuing to push out updates, so keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks again for your patience and understanding with these matters and thank you guys so much for your continued reports and support. ❤️
  4. Good evening and good morning heroes. I hope you're all doing well this week and I hope you're having a great start to your weekend. I'm here today to briefly discuss some updates we just released to live realms. Let's get to it. First off we've fixed a couple bugs so I'll list these first: Scourge Stick should now function properly. Shaman PvP boots now properly increase the movespeed of your Ghost Wolf. Blade of Eternal Darkness now procs from triggered spells such as Arcane Missile and Penance. Abyss Shard now requires that you have Drain Soul learned to summon a Voidwalker. Raging Thunder now properly increases the threat of Thunder Clap. Hunter pets now properly scale with their owner's ranged attack power and stamina once more. Animal Handler now properly increases your pet's attack power by 5/10%. And we also have some minor balance adjustments: Felhunter''s Devour Magic has had its cooldown increased to 14 sec, from 8, and its mana cost has been increased by 50%. Improved Felhunter now reduces the cooldown of Devour Magic by 2/4 sec. Felhunter's Spell Lock has had its cooldown increased to 30 sec, from 24. We've seen a steady rise of Felhunter's in the meta and it's clear they offer a great deal of utility for great value. We're adjusting just how consistently Felhunter's will be able to lock down your opponent and how often they can be used to remove negative effects from their owner or eat up buffs from your opponent. Holy Nova now deals 20% less damage to players. Flametongue Weapon now deals 15% less damage to players. Surge of Light no longer reduces the mana cost of Smite and Flash Heal. Damage Shield now deals 25% less damage to players. Brain Freeze now reduces the damage dealt by Fireball to players by 30%, from 20%. Improved Cone of Cold now reduces the cast speed of Frostbolt by 25%, from 30%. The above abilities and talents have been performing a bit higher than we'd like to see, so we've brought their power level down a bit. Renew has had its base healing reduced by 10% and its scaling reduced by 20%. Improved Renew now grants 10/20/30% increased healing done by Renew, from 5/10/15%. Empowered Renew now grants 10/20/30% increased scaling of your Renew, from 5/10/15%. Rejuvenation has had its base healing reduced by 10% and its scaling reduced by 25%. Improved Rejuvenation now increases the healing done by your Rejuvenation by 10/20/30%, from 5/10/15%. Empowered Rejuvenation now increases the scaling of your Rejuvenation by 14/27/40%, from 7/14/20%. We've seen both of the above HoT effects shine bright in PvP recently. They offer excellent value w/o any additional investment, so we've gone ahead and changed that. To break it down with no additional investment and 400-500 spell power you should see around a 15-20% reduce amount of healing done by Renew and Rejuvenation. While with more investment you should see anywhere from almost no change to around a 5% increase in healing done by the aforementioned spells. With higher spell power numbers you will see more losses while at no investment, but you will also see slightly greater gains with full investment. Dual Wield Specialization now increases your Fire, Nature, and Frost damage by 4/7/10%, from 10/10/10%, and the PPM has been adjusted so that all ranks now have 7 PPM, from 4/7/10. This talent was able to offer exceptional value as you could get away with investing only 1 or 2 points and have near permanent up time. With this change we're ensuring that you need to invest the full 3 points in order to get full value from this super talent. That's all I have for you guys today. Keep your eye and ears open, however, because we're all hard at work on the Ascension team to bring you a steady flux of updates including information on new shop items, the state of naxx, and details on our next season. As an additional aside here, we are still looking into issue related certain pet modifiers such as Wild Hunt and we will get updates to you guys regarding these as quickly as possible! Thanks for stopping by and good luck getting your Scourge Sticks and Reins of the Scourgelord's Deathcharger!
  5. We will likely have additional days for testing. This will just be our first time block available.
  6. Hey guys and gals, I'm here today to announce that we will be opening up the Spider Wing on Monday 8:00 PM Sever Time on Daggerspine, our PTR, for open testing. Any and all players will be welcome to transfer their character from live realms to participate. Some of our developers will also be monitoring testing during this time and will be available on the PTR. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated and can be posted here to this forum post. Testing will end at midnight server time on the same day and we will have an announcement when we are ready for another phase of testing. Thank you to everyone in advance for your help testing!
  7. Moonkins don't gain a passive bonus to their health or threat. Moonkins don't have access to high value talents such as Protector of the Pack which reduces your damage taken by 4% per point, or Furor which increases their Stam by an additional 3% per point, or their multiple 2% dodge per point talents. Moonkins don't have access to Savage Defense which can mitigate a large portion of damage. Moonkins don't scale as well with Strength or Agility as bears do. Now I wouldn't say that you couldn't go ahead and tank as a Moonkin if you wanted to. You've made some good points as to why they can be used as tanks. I also think you're maybe underselling the value of Bears as tanks, however. Bears have more passive mitigation, which is very valuable against mechanics like Fierce Blows being used on every boss fights and they offer more health and avoidance to boot.
  8. Little bit of a hyperbole I think, but it's a bit more to do with the fact that 2H tanks are a bit stronger than we'd like, I think, than it has to do with the fact that Bear builds are too weak. They still make very fine tanks, and we still see a handful of very viable bear builds in PvP.
  9. It was not removed intentionally, but it was instead removed due to a bug. It is currently fixed on our PTR realm, which means the fix will be on live servers once the update is complete.
  10. We've got a card up for this issue now.
  11. This is currently working on PTR.
  12. I'm aware that it's an old report, but I was wondering if he was referring to the fact that it was working on a previous version of the PTR this past week and it was since removed. We have a lot of changes with this PTR build compared to live, so some of our bug fixes have been difficult to keep track of.
  13. We've just got another update on PTR. This update includes a few minor tweaks to some new REs and bug fixes. Here is an incomplete list of changes: Direct Command- Damage bonus reduced to 15%, from 25%. Firebrand Traps- Can once again trigger from all melee autos, but no has a 1.5 sec ICD. Honor Among Thieves- Can now trigger from ranged abilities. Hammer of Wrath- Previous changes reverted. Is once again considered a ranged ability, which is blizzlike. Slightly increased the damage of the following abilities in PvP: Thunderclap, Explosive Shot, Serpent Sting, Mongoose Bite, Ambush. You should once again be able to mount in major cities. Other minor bug fixes. On the note of the PvP damage mod changes, there were a few problematic abilities in the beginning of Season 2 which we felt we may have hit upon a bit too hard. We're giving them a small amount of power back in this current build on the PTR, and we'll continue to closely monitor their performance to ensure they do not get out of hand once again. Also, there is a new patch which will allow you to test out these changes and the link in the original post has been updated. We are still working on putting the finishing touches on our changes, but we expect them to be live soon. We only have a few more minor bug fixes to address.
  14. Did this stop working on the PTR, or is this an older report?
  15. It does not. Only spells which are instant cast baseline. It's unlikely since Exorcism has a ton of modifiers currently and we don't want that getting out of hand. Thanks, I've made a report on this issue and we'll get it looked at. We have a few updates to some of their REs in the notes if you missed them, but overall we're pretty happy with the state of bears atm. As far as your comments on caster power in PvP, our next planned update revolves very much around the power of casters in both PvP and PvE and more importantly their sustain in PvP. We'll get working on that as soon as this update is complete.

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