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  1. From the discord: The .character commands are now live and functioning on Shadowsong. We merged all characters from Whisperwind into Shadowsong. If your character list exceeded the 10 character cap after the merge, we set some characters to de-active to prevent account errors. To set characters to active: .character list .character deactivate name (if you have 10 active already and need to free up a slot) .character activate name De-active characters are still on your account. They will never be removed or deleted. They are simply hidden from your character list to avoid exceeding the 10 character maximum.
  2. Check your mail, for some reason the game takes them from you and then mails them back.
  3. Yeah the scroll of choosing is only for lvl60 talents.
  4. Did you do those quests the last time you played. Every time I relog I end up with a couple of quests I did the day before. The worst thing is that it reactivates the quest items dropping, which might make you forget youve done the quest already, but you cant hand it in again.
  5. To start with, I went straight to 60 for the free account wide mount. After that it depends on the character and what your goals are as a player.
  6. If you want Ambush and Backstab then a Backstab + Stealth start is way the to go yeah. Use your Noz + lvl10 rerolls once you hit lvl18 since lvl20 opens up a decent amount of skills that will farther dilute the skill pool. 3+ skill starts will take you too long imo.

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