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  1. Akkurion

    Summoner Class?

    Pretty sure Mage elemental doesn't exist at that point in the game, and not sure if imp can go out with a hunter pet at the same time?
  2. Akkurion

    Summoner Class?

    So basically there is quiet a large selection of class Fusions and formations i would love to try, one of which is a summoner. Using totems and minions and so forth. Anyone got any idea how to get the most pets/minions/totems/other Summons out at a time? And what spells and such to use to make this work?
  3. So i've been particularly interested in looking into a high damage spell slinger, Problems do occur however as in low levels some spells aren't accessible as well as mana issues. Anyone got any ideas on the best way to build the Strongest Spell slinger with good mana Regeneration and mana stability?
  4. So i've been playing Ascension for a fair while and am quiet interested in the whole Dice of Destiny Run. Could be cool to play with some people, run through some dungeons in the random mode. Out of interest though, Where would i go to ask if anyone is interested in playing? As i do wanna look for some people (EU) to play with and such. I have joined the Ascension Discord, and have asked around there but struggling to find a reply of any sort. Decided i would try here. See if anyone is interested. If this is the wrong chat or Not allowed round here, just tell me and i'll remove it whenever i get the message if it isn't already removed. If its all cool, DM me if you wanna play and chill. I'm on pretty often and always on discord so, Easy to communicate to. Thanks for reading and apologies for any inconveniences if this is the incorrect place.

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