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  1. Allow you to pick 2 skills at level 1. Everything else is random from lvl 10 onward. At level 20 you get to pick 1 or 2 skills.
  2. I posted this on the suggestions area of the discord but I think this is a better spot to make a suggestion so I will repost here. I have been playing on the Elune server for a while now with nearly 6 lvl 60's trying to make ranged builds work but they are always pretty much 100% shit or very mediocre. I also understand the you should be using other abilities too in order to make a unique class which is the point of the server, but making anything with being ranged as the focus is near impossible. You will need the RNG of a 1 in a million to get all the spells needed to even be considered decent DPS. Right now I am basically ranged BIS with full enchants and RE's. The only core ranged abilities I am missing are aspect of the hawk and steady shot, the latter I am unsure is even possible to get though. I am hovering around 700DPS on raid bosses compared to 1-2k windfury warriors, 1-1.5k backstabbers and 1-1.5k 1-2 spell spammers. Please forgive any mistakes I make make when referring to melee or caster builds since my main experience is from ranged builds. From discussions with other ranged builders I believe the main issues with ranged builds is that they require a very high number abilities all at once to be even close to average DPS (Compare this to 1-2 skill spammers), you are heavily locked into getting marksman talents, ranged attack power needs a bit of a boost in some way and a few other smaller things such as the ranged RE's not promoting any synergy with caster spells or melee abilities and some key ranged damage abilities sharing CD's with others. Anyways, I have a few small but simple suggestions that will at least help allow ranged builds to become slightly more viable and build able. I don't want it to become an OP spec liek the others, I just want it to be viable and to open up to other builds rather then being a tacked on accessory spells to use only when you we 1. Please remove multishot and aimed shot sharing the same cooldown. Right now you can't use one without the other sharing the same cooldown and this pretty much makes multishot near useless. The legendary RE which allows auto shot to proc and reset aimed shot CD means you NEVER want to use multishot because the moment you do and the RE Proc, it's wasted. You can never use the proc'd aimed shot RE as long as the multishot is on CD. Not only this, it will allow for a slight DPS boost to anyone who has both abilities and for more of a range of talent builds to consider multishot such as the dazed talents. 2. Please allows agility to scale slightly more with ranged AP or allow intellect to also give ranged AP. Perhaps Agility giving 1.5x Ranged AP or Intellect giving 1x Ranged AP (Which stacks with the talent). Something like this will give ranged builds that little more damage needed to not only be close to average DPS but will open up more viable builds and gear sets due to intellect being much more valued. Ranger DOT builds with black arrow for example could be a real thing for once. It's quite frustrating to have full epic'd BIS and enchants with essentially all of the ranged spells and abilities barely being able to keep up with a fresh 60 in blues spamming lightening bolt. 3. Please include or change the ranged builds RE's to allow for more synergy! When I first looked at the REs available for ranged builds I was incredibly disappointed because they have nothing that really promotes them to work with other types of spells. Giving more ranged attack spell on ranged auto attacks or + %ranged ranged is all good but you need shit like "Chance on melee crit to refresh trap coolsdowns", "Ranged ability's have a 10% chance to generate 5 range", "Your silencing shot now throws your melee weapons at your target doing 100% melee damage from all equipped melee weapons", "Each melee auto attack now reduce your hunter spell cooldowns by 0.25 seconds per hit", "Your multi shots have a chance to cause your next melee ability to 100% crit" or maybe even something like "Your hunter mark now increases spell damage done by you from all schools of magic by 20% after every hunter shot agility". Please note I just thought of these in about 30 seconds so take them with a grain of salt, but I hope you get the point. I guess you could maybe look at it this way. The whole point of the server is to work with what you get and try to build around it. You can start with what you would like to build around such as caster or melee and then make it work at 60. But right now you can't do this with ranged builds and thats what sucks. You can nearly always make a melee build work and at least be average even if you get shit RNG with skills. The same goes for a caster. This doesn't go for a ranged and normally those are the skills you end up re-rolling or they stay as some filler spell with you have nothing else to use or are out of range. Something as simple as removing the shared CD with multi and aimed then adding an RE like "Every target your multishot hits increases your next melee ability by 100%" or something. Suddenly now you have a hunter build that will stand at medium range to cast shots then quickly duck in during multishot CD to use their melee ability and quickly come out. I hope my suggestions make sense and can be considered in someway because I really enjoy this server and want to see more diverse build out there. Sorry if this seems like just a ramble. Cheers

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