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  1. I didnt lose my Main but my alts on shadowsong seemingly got deleted to make room for random characters coming over from whisperwind during the forced merge yesterday. Says i have 10 characters on shadowsong and 5 on whisperwind, but i only have 5 characters showing in the shadowsong character list, so essentially i have 10 characters missing from after the forced merge. I was under the impression that anything not moved from whisperwind would just go down with the server so i moved everything i wanted over to shadowsong, just to find out when logging in today that several characters were moved/deleted from my shadowsong character list. So that's a couple of Bis rolls gone with demon and flametongue...
  2. Just search the name of the RE just like you would any item and you will find it
  3. Probably wont change anything because people are already doing this with enchanting and shaman enhancements because it's already way too good. dont really see why you'd buff it even more
  4. I got a build for you but apparently i cant link stuff without the post getting hidden. Sent it to you in a PM
  5. Believe they said the forced merge would be due monday-ish,
  6. Probably doing the forced merge between whisperwind/shadowsong in order to take whisperwind down.
  7. You cant drop loot in invasions. You do drop loot on your way to the invasion and once the aura preventing it dissipates once the invasion is finished.
  8. I like it but i think they should develop it a bit more and use gadgetzan or booty bay as the crim capital, perhaps have a crim rep next to the law which makes you friendly to certain factions as you get unfriendly with the regular horde/ally hubs and factions. This would make everyone who wants a true FFA be able to go crim essentially creating a third faction of sorts. You shouldnt be punished so hard for going crim though. The immediate issues i can see however is flightpaths and quests.
  9. I just reflected on how self defeating the dice of destiny actually is. People will still get the abilities they want despite the dice it's just a damn shame that so many are sitting at lvl 1 rolling for those abilities instead of playing the game, the player response is understandable, regardless I couldnt find a single good reason that justifies the dices existence which raises the question why arent you allowed to choose your 2, 3 or 4 abilities and then go on your merry way as usual? Your thoughts on this?

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