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  1. You understand top builds with world buffs do 6k dps right? Instead of focusing on rogue builds (which in my experience are the lowest melee builds) complain about hybrid.
  2. Who we are: UNO is a EU guild started by a group of Veterans with Ascension first clears in Molten Core, Onyxia's lair, Zul'Gurub, Blackwing Lair and Ahn'Qiraj 10 and/or 25 man. We're a dedicated group of players that like to discover and push limits of possibilities individually and as a group , we created UNO to make it possible to min max in a open and unified peer to peer circle here on Project Ascension. Mainly PvE focused but doing PvP from time to time if we find interest. Raid Progression: Molten Core - On farm 1 hours Zul'Gurub - On farm 40 minutes Onyxia's Lair - On farm 10 minutes Blackwing Lair - On farm 1-2 hours Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - On farm 1-2 hours Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - On Farm 3-5 Hours Raid Times: 7-11 pm server time, raid days are normally Fri/Sat/Sun/Monday but sometimes we raid outside if we need to catch up. What do we look for: First of all the gear you have right now does not matter. What we do care about is the dps / hps you are able to deliver with your current setup. It's important to us if you are able to learn and be motivated to seek new knowledge. In raids, we need everyone to be fully aware of what's going on during boss encounters. We look for people who can react instantly if something gets out of hand and not just do the usual thing or tactic. We expect you to be interested in pushing limits constantly and thrive to improve in performance consistency between raid sessions. Communication is key, this means you'd have to reduce clutter in raids and get to the point if possible. Don't just mention problems come up with solutions. High activity is expected from recruits, on discord and to raids, it's a big difference in dedication shown by being around and in action. 75% attendance minimum. If another player needs help, aid him if you have the time. You wont be forced to but just keep in mind this builds up the connection between guild members and helps our guild progression. It's expected you keep a humble and silent approach to outsiders, respect those who respect us. We are not looking for drama or problems. A small problem may get you removed from the guild. In addition, we don't like to boast. You failed in raid? No problem. As long as you don't repeat it. We understand that the boss mechanics combined with the customs added on ascension might be intense and many problems might occur, but tell the group right away what you think you did that caused a problem so we can notify it and learn. Think before you act and be honest. The most important for us is to understand whats going on and adapt to our ability to solve the situation. Blaming others for failing is not allowed, you must spend your focus on what you could differently after a wipe, don't focus on others. How to join UNO? A interview on discord is required to join us, contact Soz ingame or through Ascension discord. Generally: As a general interest we have no intentions to form into a 25 man guild any time soon. Don't think of us as a strict and very serious guild. We are laid back and like to joke and play around but there are some times when we get things done. We have accomplished clearing MC, ZG, Ony, BWL, AQR and 5/9 AQT with one tank and one healer.

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