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  1. Still no answer from the gm's after 450+ views on the post.Either way if anyone isnt clear about what i mean in this post, essentialy i'd like us to have the ability to change the talents we chose at level 60 by using either gold to unlearn it or a scroll of unlearning (this will not be available for any talent or ability that we got randomly) so that we may tryout what works better for our builds instead of punishing us for using them carelessly
  2. There's a reason i posted this in suggestions.
  3. Talking about the wildcard seasonal elune
  4. When i got to 60 i did not fully understand how my build can play out and i pretty sure that is the same for a lot of people. You gave us the ability to pick our own talents then but did not give us a way to replace them if we decided to try to play our specs a little different or make them more synergetic once we understood how our wild specs play. Wtb ability to change our lvl 60 talents we picked

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