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  1. Hi there I am a player that started out in early 2017. During this time i have always played healer, & i have never felt any nerfs for healer even now. The vital aspect of a healer in wpvp is to be able to tank any burst thrown at You. Your effective use of The few globals at Your disposal when not ransacked by multipel targets another. Priest Heals in particular falls in The niche of pre-emtive Dmg mitigation & fast spot Heals. Shaman Heals are incredibly strong (AQ healing wave) & is very well versed against any sort of Dmg. Calculating through 50% healing red i still manage to heal non crit for about 1900. The thing that makes Priest spells good such as Divine Aegis & pw:shield comes from them totally ignoring The 50% healing reduction. As far as making a only Priest heal build is garage, cuz certain situation merit certain Heals. Weaving in Priest Heals with Shaman Heals is to my current knowledge The best way to create a healer that can be The variabel in any pvp encounter. I dont agree with The statement that penance is garbage. Penance is extremly powerful in setting upp top offs, esp in situation where Your target is Los or out of range. Getting The 5x points in The 55 row of Disc completely bypasses The current nerf to haste. Having a shield now makes no difference in Your hps, 10% is nothing. It is not The vital aspect of a healer anyway. What You want is a kit that has an answer for any hard cc/Death Coil etc. And maximizing Your global cd usage. With The current patch, You can easily make a build that pushes around 9k of healing in 1 global. This is not possible in The current and intended way of how The Priest class abilities operate. Idk man, but from all Your displayed arrogance it is clear You started this post to caress a fractured ego. That was my 2 cents of this pathetic attempt of proclaiming yourself a master of Heals etc. I have played wow since i was a little twat & in my experiences, True rank 1:s dont act The way You do, they don't need to.

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