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  1. Honestly, this isn't a bad idea overall, it would definitely increase the high risk population (which should probably be the case since it's a high risk realm), because it would make players stick around for longer and give them a purpose to go out in world as high-risk knowing that they can obtain some of the best & latest gear if they wait until it can drop in world (which would probably be couple weeks after the certain bosses / wings were cleared) from both NPC's and events, before the release of new content (ex: Nef gear was only added in world after AQ release), which takes quite a lot of time. This change would slow down the fast gearing at the launch of new content (since most of the gear was obtainable up to the last few bosses/last boss in world) and it would balance the difference in gear towards the end after the raid has been cleared and both PvE and PvP would be rewarded equally.

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