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  1. Vanilla is cluncky on some mechanic ( Paladins Seal is the best exemple ) yet I think with this rules it can work because what Magus lack is control when fighting. Here we don't have the WIS/INT problem to CC. So basicly, we need 3 bind minimum to play a "spellblade" archetype and a lot of imagination 'cause knowing what goes with X spells , won't be that simple. Yet as I said, Infusion isn't here to create a new TGOP build, just to add new thing to the game.
  2. Thanks for the information, it's usefull! What don't you understand, maybe I can explain it better?
  3. Welcome stranger, As a fan of the idea of creating builds, classes, I felt that something is missing, a mechanic that could change the way we play, and the way to see some classes. No more waiting, I call this mechanic "Spell infusion" Based on the main mechanic of the Magus in the Tabletop "Pathfinder" , the main goal is to allow magic classes to really sinergize with melee classes. Yet, to be understood I called [Melee strike] only the melee single target spells like Evicerate/Heroic strike/Crusader Strike In terms of programming here is how it will go: If player use [Infusion] Then [Next Spell] won't cast Then [Next Spell] become a [Temporary Enchant] Then the next [Melee strike] will add the damage calculation of the spell to the [Melee Strike] Then [Temporary enchant] fade. Yet, I already ear you : "But adding a spell to a melee could broke the dps meter!" ; "But it ask us to use a lot of keybind" ; "And what about Classic enchant/Poison/Shaman enchant?" That's why I thought on rules. But keep this in mind: This spell isn't for DPS enhancement, he is here to create new Archetypes. The [Spell] used for [Infusion] will cost x1.5 his normal cost Only the ["cast" spell] (like Fireball/Frost bolt/Incinerate) can be Infused Infusion only work on the right weapon ( 2 handed too ) Poison effects / Shaman Enchant are disabled on the weapon that is infused. Yet, when the [Enhanced strike] is use the Poison and Shaman enchants act normaly If the [Melee strike] inflict a different Crowd Control of the [Spell infused] : the two CC will be apply. If the [Melee strike] inflict the same Crowd Control of the [Spell infused] : The one inflict by the [Spell] is apply. In the end, the damage calculation will look like this : ((Melee damage + Talents link to the Melee strike used) + ((Spell damage + Talents link to the Cast Spell used)*0.5)) Note : If some balance must be done, it's on the "0.5", because "you can't change the sharpness of your blade" ... Sorry, roleplayer here. Ah, by the way. Why don't I speak of Infusing the Hunter's Shot or Bite? ... Because of the [Carefull aim] talent... Yep, I think that the +100% of Intel on the shots + [Infusion] can really be too strong. Yet, I don't know the states of the "Hunter-like" classes / builds, so if there are under everything, why not. EDIT : Since now I know the state of Hunters builds... No infusion till their not rebalance ^^ Already time for conclusion, thanks for reading the suggestion, I know there is a lot of technical information but I really want everyone to understand that is not just a thrown idea, but something that I have in mind since the very beginning of my ascension adventure and after a little tweet to the @Ascensionfeed, I take my courage and wrote those lines. I'm also sorry is my english is garbage, I'm a froggy. (french) Yet, take care of yourself, and have a comfy day. ☺

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