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  1. Drakenor

    PVE Realm

    This is actually a splendid idea and think it might work and could be where things are going with the way devs are working. Having only one realm would solve alot of population problems and the instance/ low and high risk on one sever would defiantly lead to every getting what they want, but also have the playe rcounts to make sure all content is accessable to everyone, ie the RDF actually having people in it.
  2. Drakenor

    PVE Realm

    Seeing with all they are doing with the hybrid risk system, it wouldnt be to hard it that works out to do the same with pvp/pve, make it toggleable on certain servers and increased rewards for using it. If we are lucky we can see this hopefully in time.
  3. Drakenor

    PVE Realm

    That would probobly work and ill agree, if it gets tested and no one likes it, then we move on. Understand what you mean, most my guild isnt looking forward to season 3 as it will drastically drop pop and make raids and other events harder with less people.
  4. Drakenor

    PVE Realm

    Only problem is see with a realm edit is what happened in the previous post, those for the edit fighting agianst those who dont. Sdaly that will never work becasue pop is the same issue, if they edited a server it would probably end with many leaving to another server as they enjoy pvp and feel they are being forgotten or ignored. Hopefully the devs see these and can think of something better then we can that hopefully works for everyone and makes everyone happy.
  5. Drakenor

    PVE Realm

    AS a quick mention, please no "get good" talk or faction bashing, this is meant to be a valid discussion, and for people to express their thoughts on this, not to fight each other.
  6. Drakenor

    PVE Realm

    As i've seen with all the rage and toxic chat about a pve system in an existing server. Wanted to put forth the suggestion of a pve server. As of right now the biggest issue i think people are trying to get at and arent being voiced, is that there is no choice. You either fight an unfair fight or just accept your death and die, and this is on both horde and allaince sides, as both sides do it to eachother. You dont have a choice for those that dont want to pvp and are being forced into it. All i suggest is a basic no risk server, where by default Wpvp is turned off, and can be enabled and disabled, the same way retail non-pvp server had it. that way those that want to pvp can and hunt others, but those that dont want to pvp can enjoy the game without constant ganking. So instaed of changing an existing server, why not make a new one that has this implemented, to there is a choice for those who would like it. This way both sides win and we can keep existing realms the way they are.
  7. Ill have to agree with Voodooman, instead of yelling get good and how much one side is good or bad at pvp. Lets come up with a solution so both sides can enjoy the game together.
  8. Love hos this started as a valid discussion untill "The Horde" showed up and started puffing their chests and yelling git good at everyone. This is the mentality that is causing all the issues, instead of being constructive and finding a solution. You yell and defend the way things are only because your on top. Guarantee this discussion would be opposite if alliance was thrashing every horde player that tried to enjoy the game.
  9. Think this is a pretty good idea, basicly if you dont want to pvp you turn it off but instead of getting the 2x exp from ther server you get 1.5x exp. This way you are encouraged to keep it on but at the same time you can turn it off to enjoy pvp. Yes some people like pvp but there are also others that dont, and sadly as the server stands all of horde are the pvp lovers. This is causing some pretty large balance issues, where it is normally a 5 v 1 in favor of the horde all the time. This makes world events, like the invasion unplayable for allaince as horde will camp and chase everyone away. Sadly for pvp, the classless systems breaks it horribly and frankly makes it not as fun as retail used to be as you run into way too many broken builds.
  10. Looking for some good range dps caster builds that would bee good for late game raid and dungeon, possibly top dps.

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