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  1. Sure, but then even if you accept that the sets should be generic, there are 2 problems. First is that these new REs have been nowhere to be seen, so the strong will stay strong and the weak will stay weak. The second is that sets can be generic without being as boring. You get benefit from the Rogue, Paladin or Mage set by the courtesy of existing. But the Warlock 8 set says "hey, you need to be using a DoT alongside your direct damage spam spell to get the full benefit". The sets should at least force the player to think about a change in playstyle and rotation within their existing build to better use the set bonus. And apart from Warlock, the strongest sets of this bunch do not.
  2. I'm sorry to say but you made the new sets generic and boring. These sets are such that when Naxx comes out, if every player changes nothing and plays the exact same build as before, and farms the respective set for their role, they would be okay - the sets are just arbitrary damage/healing/tanking number increases. That's playing way too safe for a game that's becoming stale. What I would've liked to see is the complete opposite - very specialized set bonuses instead of very generic ones, and such that they push weak and underused builds into the meta.
  3. - Increase the proc chance of Eradication from 15 to 19%. - Increase the proc chance of Molten Core from 12 to 15%. - Increase the proc chance of Nightfall from 3/6 to 4/8%. - Increase the proc chance of Darkness from 2/4/6 to 2/5/8%. - Increase the proc chance of Surge of Light from 25/50 to 30/60%. These all have something in common - they proc off DoTs (mostly Corruption). And since there's no Spell Mastery, Corruption ticks a lot less often so these talents have suffered. These numbers aren't pulled from my ass; if the math checks out they should achieve roughly the same procs as pre-hastepocalypse. Surge is a bit sketchy, it also procs off non-dots but using dots for it was strong. And ofc I probably forgot some talent.
  4. That's a really good way to go about it. THE RNG MUST AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONTROLLED. A "Single Draft" choice should not be that hard to do. My idea was to have 3 buckets of spells - the op (pets and demons, stances, thunder clap, windfury wep etc), the OK (dmg and heal spells, buffs), and the shit. Then have a real algorithm that guarantees a non-shit spell to follow after you get a shit spell, maybe also guarantee a shit spell after an op one. But that sounds like it's more work, although the draft pick requires a proper UI so I dunno.
  5. If you want pets to be weak with low investment then reduce their AE cost down from 5 to 2.
  6. You might wanna look into Honor Among Thieves "bug". Since the last patch what happens very often is that you lose all combo points on your target. The reason is that with AoEs like Cleave it now gives you a combo point on secondary targets, thus losing all CP on your actual target because the game doesn't support having CP on multiple targets at the same time. Oh and you can't blink uphill anymore, not sure if intended but is also very annoying.
  7. You can't have such a big time between announcing the patch and having the patch go live IN THIS GAME. PTR and beta testing are methods that are applicable to games with a bigger playerbase, like LoL. At this point there's like 1-2 players on PTR at any point, if any. And they're not even there to test new REs, just to test builds that are already playable on live as to not waste currency. You didn't provide a shop or any quick way to get the NEW REs specifically, what's even the point of this fiasco? Meanwhile look at something like Dota2 where there's a hero reveal / patch notes come out and BAM you can play exactly that right away. I feel that'd be a better strategy for this game instead of what you're doing now. By that I mean just dumping patches on live and hotfixing the things you inevitably break. Because when you do what you're doing now, any hype for what is to come dies
  8. So what it's the same in real wow. Look at the TBC rogue builds they're all Hemo, Mutilate, Sinister Strike or Backstab builds
  9. Ive playtested this countless times with pre-cthun daggers. You can take EVERYTHING possible to improve Mutilate dmg and NOTHING to improve Eviscerate / Rupture. Even then Eviscerate / Rupture is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS higher average damage (for 1 gcd spent). So you guys have no idea what youre talking about xd
  10. U can remove all RNG from Mutilate with a good setup it's fiiine. If its not broken dont fix it. About others' 4-5k dps mElLeE hUnTeR wat can u do. If its op nerf dat sh1t instead.
  11. Oh you bois... always waiting for nerfs to try out the Memeviscerate. Where you're going, I'm coming back from On a side note, are u guys having issues with PTR? It's constantly disabling all my REs even though they're not over 3 or 1. I reequip an item, then that item's RE is enabled but all others get disabled again >_<
  12. Holy Priest is looking better but they might still be lacking in REs. I dunno if this is the place to ask but does the RE Twin Disciplines work on instant cast procs from Surge of Light?

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