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  1. @SirGank obviously i ment include tbc come on
  2. they are not rp server its illegal
  3. How to make ascension the perfect incarnation of wow. add WotLk but not other expainsions as they suck add all spells from all expainsions add hardcore mode toggle united horde and alliance detailed in hexents Zenith post (project-ascension.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10809-birth-of-a-new-server) two dedicated servers one PVP one RPPVP removal of flat % buffs that impoverish gameplay
  4. Give zenith server now i can not wait|
  5. I thought this was real dammit.
  6. take all the buffs and pick 1 spell to spam like everyone else.
  7. We should have a dedicated rp server.
  8. Fantastic, thanks a bunch, i just wanna squeeze wrath totem some where to save a button : )
  9. thanks, also what is macro for multiple spells on 1 button? uses delay or?

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