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  1. Instead of removing all existing player's professions, perhaps shift the existing secondary professions down to a third level, tertiary professions. Gathering professions would then be the new secondaries, and players would retain their skill level in their current professions. To help balance this out, players would have access to only a single secondary profession, unless they had two gathering professions beforehand, in which case one of them can be chosen to be grandfathered in, albeit with a catch: grandfathered secondary professions will be lowered and capped to one proficiency lower than the current highest, so 225 in Vanilla, 300 in TBC and 375 in Wrath.
  2. The thing is, as you world PvP you'd gain decurses for when you want to buy the gear you actually want. As to the grindiness, I think that decurses should be way more prevalent than orbs or runes, but only acquirable through world PvP and Raids. Well the concept isn't specifically designed to make it so that gear with curses is absolutely unusable. There are ways to work with and around several of the curses I've proposed. For instance, the Hellbitten curse: using a rank 1 spell for instance will deal a very miniscule amount of damage. A lot of the ones I didn't write well though, like Pygmy Hex, which is a big power limitation. Curses should be less of a complete and utter gamebreaker and more of a handicap: you buy a full set of T2 and you'll have to put more effort in to make up for having bought it rather than achieved it. Further, as long as you do world PvP or raid content, you'll be able to buy gear off the AH all you want and use your decurses to work at full capacity. Perhaps the item level threshhold for when an item becomes cursed or not should increase on the release of better and better gear: T1 gear would be curse-free with the release of T2/T2.5 for example.
  3. Welcome to the Pit Gladiator Mode is a separate 1v1 arena interface that pits players against each other in a battle for fortune, fame, and treasure. Gladiator Mode is unique in that it features gear destruction on death. Players earn incredible amounts of honor and glory from winning a Gladiator fight, but will permanently lose some of their gear should they fail. Furthermore, Gladiator Mode would be accessible on all Ascension servers, allowing for players to engage in High-Risk PvP content regardless of their current realm choice. Registration To queue up for a Gladiator Mode arena, players simply talk to the 1v1 Arena Master and select Gladiator Mode 1v1. Gladiatorial Treasure Winning a Gladiator Mode arena will not only reward the player with plenty of honor and glory, but will also reward the player with special Gladiator Treasure. Gladiator Treasure ranges from lump sums of gold, to a piece of item level appropriate gear, to full sets of tradable cosmetic gear. Gladiator Sets The following are possible Gladiator Cosmetic sets. Top to bottom, left to right: Crystalhide Armor from WoD, Primal Combatant's Leather Armor (Horde) from WoD, Silentleaf Armour (Black Recolor) from MoP, Daggerjaw (Light Brown Recolor) from WoD. Additional Gladiatorial Combat A bullet point list of some few loose ideas that might also be usable in Gladiator Mode: PvPvE: Ravenous lions, raging kodo, fierce elekks and rampaging hydras could be unleased upon Gladiators periodically, either to expedite the match, provide additional treasure, or give out a temporary buff to the slayer, giving them an upper hand. Thematic Battles: the fight could be decked out with unique features to spice things up, such as flooding the arena, periodic dart traps, vehicular combat, and more. Criminal League: outlaw players or players with criminal intent who are slain by guards or defender players will be queued up instantly for a Gladiator Mode arena, and will be unable to unqueue for a short while afterwards. Team Gladiatorial: Additional interfaces for team bouts using the same rules as 1v1 Gladiatorial Mode. Perhaps with even more teams, such as 2v2v2. Deathmatch: A FFA PvP experience using tweaked Gladiator Mode rules. Players lose less gear on death, gain the same amount of honour and glory, but can not receive Gladiator Treasure. Gladiatorial Titles: Win a number of bouts to unlock titles. Judicial Arena: Challenge a player to a Gladiator Arena by purchasing a Letter of Challenge from Edrim Skysong. The challenged can pay a gold sum slightly higher than that of the Letter of Challenge, or accept the challenge. Spectating: A general PvP improvement, a spectator mode would allow players to view the fighting going on and inspect the combatant's gear.
  4. The Issue with Gear Buying During the seasonal realm, I noticed that players would rather acquire gold and buy raid loot off the Auction House rather than raid or gank. It's not something I blame them for, but it is something of an issue I think. That you can totally avoid the challenges of raiding or the riskiness of world PvP and get gear equal to those players who do. This creates issues should those players ever start doing raids or world PvP: they won't have the skill to go along with their gear. In my viewpoint, I find this to be somewhat worrying. So, I've devised a way to discourage (but not absolutely destroy) the practice of gear buying on the hardcore realms: Mystic Curses Whenever a player trades, drops or auctions a piece of would-be soulbound gear that exceeds a set item level threshold, that item will acquire a Mystic Curse. Mystic Curses are negative features that should be detrimental to all playstyles. Items with a Mystic Curse on them drop in item level by 20, but retain all other stats of an uncursed item. Mystic Curses shouldn't outright obsolete a piece of gear, but they should be bad enough for the player to desire a replacement item or a mystic decurse. Mystic Curses stack, so purchasing a full set of Tier gear will leave you thoroughly weakened. Mystic Decurses Mystic Decurses can only be gained through world PvP and raiding. Players have the chance to loot Mystic Decurses from other players in Honorable PvP zones. The final boss of a raid will drop 3-5 Mystic Decurses for the raid to roll on, and all raid bosses have a decent chance to drop a single Mystic Decurse. World Bosses will drop 8-10 Mystic Decurses. Holiday World Bosses (Omen for example) drop 12-15 Mystic Decurses. Mystic Decurses can be used to remove the Mystic Curse from a selected item. Sample Curses Helbitten: Upon using any spell that utilizes mana, energy or rage, your next ability will deal 25% of its damage (or healing) to yourself (in damage if healing spell is used). Damage dealt can not exceed 99% of your maximum health. Curse of Sluggishness: Your movement speed is decreased by 50%. Goblin Charmed: Your spells have a 10% chance to fizzle and cause an explosion, dealing damage to you and everyone in a 5 yard radius around you based on your attack power, spell power, or healing power. Critical Exhaustion: Your spell criticals will spend 10% of your maximum mana. Your melee criticals will spend 25 rage or 25 energy. Should you be depleted of resources, criticals will instead deal 5% of your maximum health back in damage. Pygmy Hex: You are shrunk down to the size of a gnome, you deal 25% less melee damage, 25% less spell damage, and 10% less healing.
  5. Some things which can further improve the look, feel and usage of the Ascension UI Confirm Choice The UI should prompt you when you spend Essences on a talent or ability. There should be an option to turn this prompt off. Minimap Button There should be an option to turn off the minimap button. Show Scroll Count Pressing N or going into the Character Upgrades menu, it should display the number of scrolls of unlearning you currently have access to. Enchant Sorting In the collections>enchants tab, there should be an option to view enchantments specific to a chosen raid tier and/or enchantments focused around a specific class of abilities (druid enchants, hunter enchants, etc.) Spirit Tooltip The tooltip for Spirit is somewhat misleading, as it also covers health regeneration.
  6. The focus of High-Risk servers is PvP primarily, but a good deal of PvE content is still required to level up. For some, this is seen as counter-intuitive, as PvPing while leveling can often. The system I am proposing should be able to improve the leveling experience for PvP-focused players. Outlaw Kill Quests Outlaws can receive a repeatable kill quest from any Goblin Call Board which requires them to kill one other player. This quest will reward half of the EXP of any normal quest at the character's level. Occasionally, the board may dole out a special kill quest, requiring them to kill multiple players, kill a defender player, kill a player 2+ levels higher than themselves, kill a player in a specific zone, or kill a player within a certain time limit. These special quests reward full quest EXP as well as a goody bag containing one level appropriate piece of gear. Neutral Kill Quests Pretty much the same as Outlaw Kill Quests, with the added special quest to go and kill outlaw players or players with criminal intent. Defender Kill Quests Defender Kill Quests can be acquired from your faction's Call Boards, and all of them require you to kill outlaw players or players with criminal intent. All Defender Kill Quests reward full EXP because of this. Defenders also get special kill quests, like those other players, which will reward double quest EXP and a goody bag containing one level appropriate piece of gear.
  7. I was recently traveling the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms and came upon the Arathi Coast Dwarven Farm. Now typically there's two level 15 Dwarf farmers and a few critters here. But when I arrived, I was stunned to find a whole slough of high level (level 55) Arathi farmers, some standing guard in front of the Dwarven burrow, and others inside the burrow. A few of them had names: Farmer Ray, Farmer Kurt, and Farmer Sal, all level 60. An injured farmer lay next to one of the dwarven farmers in the burrow on the bed. On further inspection, the rams in the dwarven stables seemed to have been eating human flesh: there were lootable skeleton Farmer's Corpse doodads (nothing on them, sadly) and big piles of meat. I'm left wondering why this stuff was added? Is it a simple easter egg on top of an easter egg that someone added?
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. Ranged physical damage has the least synergy out of all damage types, and it'd be nice to see it receive an update to allow it to work better with other trees. I'd also like to see the ability to transmog throwing weapons, wands and ranged weapons between each other, just for added flavour.
  9. To encourage more faction rep grinding, perhaps implement these transmogrification sets for the various factions. Player factions are not included here. Prices should all be within the ballpark 500-1k gold, and there should also be the ability to purchase these sets with honor. Shen'dralar Becoming exalted with The House of Shen'dralar will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Deathsilk Regalia set from Cataclysm. Hydraxian Waterlords Becoming exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Lavender Nimbleknife set from Cataclysm. The Thorium Brotherhood Becoming exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Red Abalone set from Cataclysm. The Magram Clan Becoming Revered with the Magram Clan will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Stormscale set from Mists of Pandaria. (Revered only because it's entirely possible to screw yourself out of being able to become Exalted) The Gelkis Clan Becoming Friendly with the Gelkis Clan will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Purple Stormscale set from Mists of Pandaria. (Friendly only because it's entirely possible to screw yourself out of being able to become Revered) The Cenarion Circle  Becoming exalted with the Cenarion Circle will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Ironpelt Garb set from Warlords of Draenor. The Brood of Nozdormu Becoming exalted with the Brood of Nozdormu will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Timelord's Regalia from Cataclysm. The Argent Dawn Becoming Exalted with the Argent Dawn will reward you with the ability to purchase a replica of the Sunsoul Battleplate set from Warlords of Draenor Respectively: Shen'dralar, Hydraxian Waterlords, Thorium Brotherhood, Magram, Gelkis, Cenarion Circle, Brood of Nozdormu, Argent Dawn
  10. New event: Molten Core has become flooded by The Water Lord Aquaticus! Journey into the depths below and take out the rogue elemental lord, heroes! Aquaticus drops several [Mystic Vellum], containing the special REs [Nuclear Powered Fins], [Infinity Breath] and [Water Running], as well as the legendary helmet [Waterfury, Blessed Bucket of the Airbreather], which grants 500% underwater breath duration, 50% underwater movement, and the ability to toggle between walking underwater and swimming underwater.
  11. Inspired by the guild perk system from Cataclysm and beyond, I present the Perk System. Attaining Perks While leveling, you will earn two free perks, one at level 30, and another at level 60. Perks afterwards will have to be purchased from Edrim Skysong for a somewhat substantial amount of money (150-300 gold, ideally). What Perks Do and Why They Should be Added: Perks provide minor benefits and boosts for non-combat related tasks, as well as minor cosmetic features. They should be added as an additional progression system, as well as an additional way for currency to leave the market, and a way for characters to further customize their characters. Sample Perks Workman: earn 10% more EXP from gathering nodes. Upon reaching level cap, you gain a miniscule amount of money from gathering nodes. Hasty Hearth: reduces the cooldown of your hearthstone by 15 minutes. Rocket Snail Mail: mail is delivered and received 10% faster. Does not stack (mail to someone with this perk while having this perk will only receive a 10% speed boost). Return Trip: your movement speed while dead or taking a flight path is increased by 10%. Gnomish Dematerializer: gives you a free item-targeting spell. Use to transform common and above items into [Fine Sand], [Gelatinous Goo], or [Rock Chip]. The Bigger We Are: gives you a free toggle spell. Toggle on to increase your character's size, toggle off to return to normal size. Persists through death. Gnomish World Enlargening Augmentation: gives you a free toggle spell. Toggle on to decrease your character's size, toggle off to return to normal size. Persists through death.
  12. A thread for suggesting world events: the twelve we have are okay, but I think there can be much more added to the system. Another thing that could be added is co-occuring events: that is, events that are running simultaneously with other ones. I'll start Army of a Million Teeth Start: Swarms of sharks have been spotted off the shores of Azeroth! They are disturbing fishing and trading hubs, and destroying the coastal ecosystem. You must stop them! End: The shark invaders have been repelled! All glory to the heroes of (the Horde/the Alliance) for their bravery in the face of the army of a million teeth! The Great Ram Hunt of Khaz Modan and Area Start: The Great Ram Hunt has begun! Hundreds of rams have descended upon Dun Morogh, Loch Modan and the Badlands, as they have for thousands of years. The king under the mountain, Magni Bronzebeard, has decreed open season on the rams to quell their numbers. He calls upon heroes of both the horde and the alliance to join in. Hurry, with hammer in hand! End: The Rams have been forced back up into the mountains! The mightiest hunter was (player name), who collected (#) pelts. The Cross-Continental Witch Hunt Start: Witch Hunters have been spotted in The Crow's land, searching for foul Witch Covens. It is your choice who you align with, heroes. Witch End: The sun has blackened and the dead shall rise! All praise be to (randomized assortment of six letters, three vowels)! Witch Hunter End: Azeroth survives another day. Hunt or Be Hunted Start: A bounty has been placed upon the head of (Outlaw Player). He/She was last seen in (current zone). Sources indicate that he/she could be hiding out in (hearthstone location). Go with honor! End: The outlaw (Outlaw Player) has been defeated by (Slayer of Outlaw Player). He/she will surely be rewarded for this action! End 2: The outlaw (Outlaw Player) has escaped the law for another day. Stay vigilant, for the evildoers shall pay in time! Premature End: The outlaw (Outlaw Player) has gone and tripped on his own sword. Great shame to him/her and his/her family.
  13. Full Disguise: Your Feign Death spell will instead disguise you as a random inanimate object and hide your nametag. However, its duration will be halved, and you will gain -25% to all attributes 30 seconds after leaving Full Disguise. Uses: Hiding in plain sight for an ambush, better avoiding gankers who have yet to see you, and playing Hide and Seek with guildmates. Potential objects: Bushes, small trees, corpses of mobs found in the zone, player skeletons, crates, chairs, open chests, sword racks and select NPC corpses (ala Orb of Deception) and more. Counters: a keen eye can spot oddities in the placement of objects. Further, players who use this RE will have to deal with lowered stats upon coming out, meaning unfortunate disguises will leave them worse off than if they had no disguise at all.

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