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  1. Hey, I like hysteria's idea of having the devs be tested in PvP w/ Oak and Exiled some of the top players to PvP and see how it works for them. The reason healers run a shield so they dont get one shotted. You are taking the possibility of one shotting onto another level at this point. Shields shouldnt put you at a disadvantage but rather give you an advantage. Clearly when you have a shield damage will be lower. When this goes through Shield builds in pvp will suffer huge w/ survivability and damage. Why go shield now? Exactly, you don't.... Great update :D, Replay ❤️
  2. We have seen countless times that how impactful a interrupt has been either being in PvE or in PvP. There is one build that is suffering right now that is cat the chances of seeing a cat in PvP is so low for a couple reasons as well. They use to do a lot of damage in PvP and example is just one mangle for 3k however I know this isnt fair especially for it being one button. However, why add an interrupt to the spec to be able to some what compete with a spec. Let alone there damage is terrible in PvP we see builds like TG, Smite, Hybrid have the potential to one shot and even how a fluid fight if your built like it. But when it comes to cat we something along the lines of a magnle for 1.5k and then having no possibility of a stun, or even an interrupt on a caster. Its another thing that Ascension has done no hard feelings but made a spec unreliable and not have enough potential. I know there was always be a "meta" however try to make a break from this and try to help the builds that are suffering too not just nerf something because people say its OP. I have done this many times of saving a build is OP but rather then nerf. Buff the specs that need it. An interrupt isn't going to solve the problem all together I know that much. But why wait until level 80 to have a interrupt as cat when this is a classless server? Maybe we will see a change or will it continue to fall into the hands of the Balance team thinking they now everything that is healthy for ascension? Find out next on Ascension Bones cat form 101.
  3. Why not? Just saying no doesn't tell us why you wouldn't support this idea?
  4. Many people have heard of this because of retail. However, this will have a twist on it, this will be Ascension's idea of Mythic +. Starting off i want many people to see this so we can get more ideas and maybe even make this a "perfect" system. Time will be needed for this subject it wont be perfected over night. But it has true potential especially in the competitive seen of things. Starting off i will give an example/walkthrough of how the dungeon will made/done. This content will only be for level 60s. The example will take place in LBRS. There will be no rares that spawn in a mythic +. The first boss would be Highlord Omokk. He is the big ogre. Which in a regular level 1 mythic will have 1 new ability: a fear that targets healer, and a new move that increases the threat from everyone but the tank by 65% for 10 seconds. This will be just one ability having to work out picking up some abilities, however, we will jump onto more interesting things. Level 10 mythic will introduce real mechanics in a fight. Every 25% of the fight the boss will be immune to damage and he will drop his weapon, one must pick it up and kill adds that spawn until he shouts "ENOUGH i will do this myself" However when u kill a single add u get a dot and debuff. This bleed will tick for 400 each 3sec, this debuff hits everyone in the group(the number is just a place holder). Depending on the mythic level is how many adds you have to kill and how much the dot hits for. These adds also do not have a threat table so they can not be taunted however will be able to gain threat from tanks. So dps will have to be careful with this once the phase is over the threat goes to the person who had the Axe. Once the boss had died it will put a checkpoint. This is for whenever you die(this system was just added) making you not have to use time on running back. The boss will drop at this level BWL loot up to chrommagus. This is just one example I have for boss fights. If a mythic +5 and above is completed fully in a time between an hour(time is a place holder atm) the time will be recorded and compared to others. On Saturday each week (time can be set) the records of the times will be stopped. Next is the comparing between each team who had the fastest, top 2 on each of alliance and horde will now compete. First stage is a horde vs horde team and a alliance vs alliance game. The dungeon will be chosen at random by either a GM or part of staff. Once this is complete the winner from each side will compete. This dungeon will not be random at first it will be executed through a banning phase. Each team can ban a single dungeon not to do and after that the remaining ones will be randomly chosen by a GM or staff member. Whoever has the fastest time will win. This win will give BiS loot to each player 1 piece non-tradeable and they will also get BWL and AQ lower tier gear that is tradeable for 2 hours. However that isnt the best part. The next prize will be a key that will go to a single player that can reset an ID on any raid. There can be talk of orbs and runes at the lower Mythics. There is alot of discussion in the choices I made and that can be changed for the better. This is just a step in the right direction of course. I had a friend put a really neat more in depth explanation of this idea: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qo8qR-cPa3Kb6C1-k--qFRpRiHv2ko7yiAgk5R8tBak/edit?usp=sharing All credits toward him! I will add a poll to just have a some what number of who would participate in it https://www.strawpoll.me/17595237
  5. When a nerf is needed it usually means the spec is putting out too much Dps/hps which in alot of the cases is true. In this case it's the damage even with deterance working correctly. I can't 1v1 a felguard let alone with the owner of it. The real question is what would u want nerfed the damage it does or the damage it takes, maybe even both. But if devs don't want "meta" then they need to work on more of the aspect of counters.. Instead of one build kills all. Also I can see you guys are talking about more than the build I listed, more of whole thing of pvp. However that wasn't what I was going for in this post rather just giving an example of how meta builds, and rather a pretty ez one to get a hold of can be a threat to melee and casters alike.
  6. We have seen the love for Frost and also the deep love for Fire. But where is it for lightning. I know there is aimed shot, however that is a gcd instead of damage. We see each one (frost,fire) built in. Would love to see lightning have a talent for the same thing as the others. Some people say that lightning is burst. However its if u get lucky on overload. Many times i go utility lightning because i know that the chance of getting it are low. Frost also gets a slow that helps out a much. Where as u could say we can use frost shock. But again that is another gcd. Using a gcd is reducing the damage ur putting out.
  7. I always thought pvp was based around skill however. When going into a bg and guy is just running exhaustion and has a felguard hitting for 1k each auto is a little bit much. How can i do anything also if they are immune to everything with Demonic Empowerment. I also know I'm not the only one to think this either so you better be making a change soon or reduce the damage of a pet from the legendary re as well. Like i said there is no skill in this either because the damage a pet takes is greatly reduced mostly the felguard if u talent it. Thus i cant do anything if its also healing from a talent as well. I dont want to just make a spec to counter a felguard. I rather be able to run be utility build. But cant when a felguard is immune to everything in the book. Also if u reply with "oh just get banish" You will be losing another player who has been on this server for over a year. and good luck getting more. at that point

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